Hello, while we prepare to end 80 cap and introduce the sparkly new 90 cap update, for now here's another small patch to keep things just a little more fresh.

You may see Lv.90 shops and such in-game, it's just us preloading content for the update. Take these shops as a small sneak peek of what's to come!

This patch features many QoL improvements, especially toward gear progression for newer players.

Since we had to revert at least 30% of the patch before this one, we will be reintroducing the adjustments and features which have returned this patch, such as PVP music selection.

Playable Content

RDN: Hardcore

  • Ares and Pether: Overall boss health pool has been nerfed.
  • All Other Bosses: Overall damage output has been nerfed.

Volcano Nest

  • All bosses: Damage output has been reduced, boss health pool cut in half.

Relevant Content

  • All nest and raid bosses (with the exception of RDN HC) are now truly Lv.80, not 81-86. No more guessing what the FD requirement is.

Sign In Event

Been a while since we've had an attendance event, so we're having a rerun of the previous one!

Simply log in each day, and you'll receive freebies in your Special Storage.

Unlike the official servers, if you miss a day, your login streak will not reset to the first day. Our system is cumulative and will add a new log each sign in.

Infinity Stamps can be traded at [Irine - General Events Exchange Shop] for L-Grade wings of your choice, or Picture Titles.

General Adjustments

NPC Shops

  • [Rajuul - Daily Points Shop] You can now exchange [16,800 Daily Points] for x2 Red Dragon's Wraths (L-Grade).
  • [Rajuul - Daily Points Shop] You can now exchange [8,400 Daily Points] for x3 Claw of a God.
  • [Rajuul - Draconic Gear Exchange] Purchase requirements for Draconic Accessories have been reduced by 50%.

Enhancement System

  • The amount of gold and materials required to enhance Draconic Accessories has been reduced.
  • The Success rate of enhancing Red Dragon (L-Grade) equipment has been increased.


  • The amount of Critical attribute gained per Agility stat bonus has been decreased.

Obtainable Items

  • Red Dragon's Wraths (L-Grade) can now be traded between other players, and can be exchanged within the Server Storage.


  • Wellsprings/Origins no longer have an effect in PVP matches.
  • Skill Jades no longer have an effect in PVP matches.
  • ECJs (Elemental Conversion Jades) no longer have an effect in PVP matches.
  • Hero Levels no longer influence stat boosts while in PVP.


  • For new characters/accounts, using the Level 80 Skip Potion will now immediately grant you access to Daily and Weekly Tasks. No more waiting!
  • Continued work on the Effect Transparency sliders. Projectiles will still remain to be visible, as this is a work-in-progress.
  • (PVP Only) In the Combo Practice room, skill hitbox debug data will be displayed. Note that some high-burst skills have performance impacts.
  • (PVP Only) A music selection UI has been added.
  • The 9-15s delay when loading the Arena Lobby list has been removed. Yay more optimisations!

You can now select different music for PVP matches, and there will be more tracks in the future!

(PVP Only) Music selection button
Current track list as of Patch 4.8

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Roll Attack EX The skill has been reworked.
Beckoning Shadows Visual effects and animation was changed.
Roll Attack reworked


Skill Name Adjustment
Spirit Boost The skill has been moved to the Tempest tree.
Kickshot The skill cooldown has been reduced from 8s -> 6s.
Spiral Vortex The skill cooldown has been reduced from 20s -> 15s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Show Time! The effects of Spirit Boost have been added on as a bonus.


Skill Name Adjustment
Spiral Vortex EX Slight damage increase.
Spirit Boost The skill buff duration has increased from 20s -> 30s.
True Strikes This is a brand new, custom Active skill.
Kickshot EX You can now right-click after the finisher to chain into Somersault Dance EX.


Skill Name Adjustment
Divine Vengeance Upon hit, it will now grant you 2 Guardian Bubbles each.
Block + Auto Block Upon blocking, it will now grant you 2 Guardian Bubbles each.
Stance of Faith EX Upon blocking, it will now grant you 2 Guardian Bubbles each.
Divine Barrier The shield duration has been increased from 25s -> 35s.

These adjustments are mostly due to while playing around w/Guardian's awakenings, I found his bubble generation a bit more awkward, and found Divine Barrier being a bit too short for a comfortable DPS rotation.


Skill Name Adjustment

No longer grants the invulnerable status.
Replaced with a Damage Reduction effect.
Super Armour increased from 200 -> 900.

We're sorry, but no more cheesing a vast majority of the mechanics in content with Saint anymore.


Skill Name Adjustment
Tumble The animation was improved to be better and not as awkward to use.

(PVP) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Brave The buff duration has decreased from 10s -> 5s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Piercing Crescent The skill damage has been decreased.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
Transformed Skills The skill cooldown effects have been removed.
Trans Death Knell The skill damage has been reduced.


Skill Name Adjustment
- Rough balancing process has started.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue with Gladiator's Iai Slash wherein you could not use the Feint input during the finisher action.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Judgmental Hammer EX would return to your character and continue to swirl around for 5-9 seconds, instead of disappearing.
  • Fixed an ancient issue with Guardian's Goddess' Riposte wherein the Light element was not being inherited properly, resulting in neutral elemental damage.
  • (PVP Only) Fixed several cooldown issues involving Mercenary and Dark Avenger skills.
  • (PVP Only) Fixed an issue with custom music being persistent even when leaving the PVP room.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Vandar characters were not being healed after clearing a boss room in nest/raids, and their skills not being reset when walking into the blue area while in the Training Ground.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following issues:

  • Playing the game on Ryzen Zen 2 or 3 CPUs (3000 and 5000 series) breaks particle/VFX positon offsets of certain I.C items, making them fly toward a random coordinate in the map.