'Tis the season to be jolly! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and if you celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas. This event we're featuring a boss fight in exchange for Christmas Candy which you can trade at Irine for some goodies!

While Serene takes a break for the holidays to recharge his batteries, the rest of the Infinity crew came together to design this boss and its moveset. While we're not as experienced with bosses (or as punishing), we'd still love to hear feedback & we hope you'll enjoy this update.

Snow with Infinity

It's a simple Artbook event for the holidays! Stay logged in on a character and receive "First Snowflake of The Year" item. Collect enough of these and donate them to the Artbook event.

First Snowflake of The Year item preview

When each stage is completed, you will slowly reveal the full image of the artwork.

If all stages are completed, the Artbook event is concluded for the character and you'll be able to permanently add it to your character's Collection page, and be able to view it at any time in the future!

Artbook Event board, will slowly reveal the image as you clear the stages.
You will be able to obtain the event currency by staying logged in and receiving the Timed Login reward mail.
Item quantity is always x1 for the preview, it's just a visual thing.

IC Shop

New Costumes

We've added new costume sets as per usual, this time featuring the Christmas Package costume set!

These new costumes are at a limited-time discount, and available in various themes/flavours.
This discount only lasts until the next monthly update, so grab your set today.
Check them out in the I.C Shop!

Here are some preview banners of the new costume:

Christmas Package Costume
Christmas Package Weapon Set
New costume package will be discounted for a limited amount of time.

Winter Holiday I.C Rebate Event

To celebrate this year's Winter Holiday, we will be having a special rebate of +50% bonus I.C for every purchase for a limited time!
Purchasing I.C can be done by clicking this link: https://infinitynest.net/store

Event Period

Active right now, running until January 6th, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC)


50% Bonus IC on all I.C purchases via our website.

Pania Rotations

Pania rotations have been changed, you can possibly obtain the following coupons via opening Infinity Deluxe Boxes up until the November update:

Item Name
Cold Glacier
Lunaria's Shiny
Noble Light
Innocent Iona

Light Speed Explosion

Following the Kkomi Teddy Bear mount, we are replacing the mount evolution in this patch with Light Speed Explosion.

Here are the previews for each stage of the mount

Light Speed Explosion - Basic
Light Speed Explosion - 1st Stage Evolution
Light Speed Explosion - Final Stage Evolution
As per usual, our mount doesn't have additional stats and it's purely for cosmetic purposes.

Light Speed Explosion Video

SpeedColie has created a video about the new mount made accessible this patch, how it functions, and the evolution process. It is based on the official server. The time-stamped video is available to watch below.

Please be aware that mounts do not have stats in Infinity Nest and there may be other details omitted on our server.

New Eye Colour

New eye colours, applicable to all classes

New Hair Dye Colours

New hair dye colours, applicable to all classes

New Hair Partial Dye Colours

Not just for Vandar, there are updates for other classes' cosmetics too!

New Pet Dye Colours

New Pet Partial Dyes

Infinity Holiday Bash 2023

Limited Time Event

Heroes, Event Planner Irine needs your help. Her stack of candies has been stolen by a scary monster and hid them in its palace. Without the candies, what will Irine give to the kids that are eagerly waiting for sweet treats?

Confront Christmas Thief Gaja in his palace and bring back Irine’s christmas candies to save the children from sadness and despair!


◆ What is [Infinity Holiday Bash 2023]?
This is an event stage that can be entered as a party, featuring a new custom boss.

Stage Entry Information

Portal Location Milla Laurel -> (Party) Garden of Eternity -> Seasonal Event Content -> Palace of Gaja
Difficulty Labyrinth 9 ~ 12
Party Size 1-4 Players
Entry Ticket None
Revivals 3 times
Special Condition None

Christmas Candy

After defeating the Christmas Thief Gaja, head back to Irine and pick the Event Shop to see what you can buy with the loot that you obtain from the instance

By talking to Irine, head over to (2023) Winter Fiesta Event Shop
Preview of Cosmetic Items in Winter Fiesta
Preview of one of the titles in Cosmetic Items
Preview of General Stock in Winter Fiesta
Winter Event will last until January 13th. Make sure you do them and get the stuff you need/want while it lasts!



  • Name Change Card price has been lowered from 25k IC > 15k IC.
  • Guilds are now significantly easier to level up.
  • L mat crafting requirements for Professional titles have been lowered from 1k -> 750.
  • Entry Pass requirement has been removed for FDN.
  • We've reworked the Timed Login reward boxes a bit to feature more relevant items as well as adjusting the number of cubes.
  • You can now obtain First Snowflake Of The Year by staying logged in a certain amount of time.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:


[Lightning Fury]

  • Bubble cost is reduced from 15 > 10

[Class Mastery I]

  • Added 10% M.ATK increase to the skill

[Class Mastery III]

  • Lightning Bolt now recovers 1 stack of Lightning Judgement


[Class Mastery I]

  • M.ATK increase has been increased from 20% > 30%



  • Bubble cost is reduced from 5 > 2

[Heroic Charge]

  • Travel distance at the end of the skill has been reduced

Resolved Issues

The following issues has been resolved:


Class: Inquisitor

  • Fixed an issue where Charging Bolt CM3 does not recover Lightning Judgment


  • An issue where Coby Mount box can't be opened.
  • An issue where Pity/Fever was being shared across boxes instead of each gacha box having its own dedicated pity.