Hello, as we continue to advance toward the release of 90 cap, the following patch applies some much needed fixes and adjustments bundled up with some more PVP progress! This also marks us slowing down PVE skill adjustments while we focus on other things.

General Adjustments

I.C Shop

  • The White Nine-Tailed Fox mount has been added.


  • We've recorded and implemented most of the custom skills and/or reworks in-game, simply right click in the skill tree to view them.
  • We're trying out new tech for our Town and Content servers, random disconnections should happen way less often now.
  • The Content servers have been upgraded from 20 tick rate to 60.

Highly experimental stuff going on, Keep-Alive has been implemented on the servers, which means your connection will be kept persistent the moment you load into Town.

An increase in server tick rate, in short, means that the server will update its information cycles faster, resulting in a more responsive feel. Stuff like latency and your connection quality to the content servers will obviously still have a significant impact though.

We don't expect any new issues to arise from these adjustments, but if something goes horribly wrong, do let us know in our Discord server.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


We have been reworking Elestra to mitigate skill hitbox issues involving her projectiles, this should be the last adjustment needed. Do let us know on Discord if Elestra is fully playable now.

[Freezing Spikes EX]

  • The skill effects, animation, and damage have been reworked.


[Fire Beam EX]

  • You are now invulnerable to most attacks while casting the skill.

(PVP) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Classes

  • Health values have been slightly decreased.


[Normal Attack]

  • Attack damage values have been increased for all weapon types.


  • Projectile sounds fixed for the following skills: Moonlight Splitter EX, Cyclone Slash EX, Crescent Cleave EX, Moon Blade Dance EX, Frenzied Charge EX, Punishing Swing EX.



  • The skill buff duration has increased from 5 -> 10s.


[Coup de Grace EX]

  • The bonus damage effect now begins when the opponent has 100% HP instead of 50%.
  • Bonus damage multiplier has decreased from 2% -> 1%.

[Hype Train]

  • Fixed several bugs involving this passive.


[Cyclone Slash EX]

  • The AOE (Area of Effect) pull effect has been significantly reduced.


[Shadow Call]

  • The skill buff duration has increased from 5 -> 10s.

Dark Avenger

[(Nightmare) Graves]

  • The skill damage on the third slash has been slightly reduced.


Balancing for Clerics have been finalized (this makes 2 playable classes in PVP so far). CD, damage, buff/debuff effects for every skill was overhauled.

[Normal Attack]

  • Attack damage values have been increased for all weapon types.

[Holy Kick (Lv6+)]

  • The hitbox range has been reduced for balance purposes.

[Health Bolster] -> [Rage]

  • The skill effects, description, and properties have been replaced with our custom comeback mechanic.


[Shield Charge]

  • The optional [W] input key to charge a further distance has been disabled.

[Divine Hammer]

  • The skill effects, damage, and properties have been reverted to vanilla. Now it does three hits and deals appropriate damage.


[Grand Cross]

  • Both the casting speed and the projectile velocity has been lowered, prior to hitbox impact with the opponent. Velocity will increase on impact and the maximum amount of possible hits has been increased from 6 -> 12.


[Soul Steal]

  • The skill AOE (Area of Effect) radius has been decreased.

[Fatal Fury]

  • The skill hitboxes have been removed.

Arch Heretic

[(Nightmare) Shadow Strike]

  • The first hitbox has been removed from Frame 3 to Frame 1 of the skill timeline, to match the non-Nightmare variant.

[(Nightmare) Devastation]

  • The skill effects, damage, and properties have been reverted to vanilla.


  • Rough balancing has been done for all job advancements of Kali, semi-playable so far, so minor issues are to be expected.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • An issue wherein using certain skills with the Invisible Effect (self) sliders enabled anywhere between 1-9 will cause a client crash.
  • An issue with crafting Heraldry wherein successful crafting could crash the client under specific conditions.
  • An issue when playing Solo while doing Daily Quest dungeons wherein the client would crash.
  • An issue with Skill Trees wherein you were allowed to learn a skill without meeting the prerequisite requirements first.
  • An issue with Level Skip Pots wherein the Daily and Weekly Tasks were being reinitialised.
  • An issue with Self Buffs wherein players could appear as "dead", when they're actually not, and would be unable to deal damage.
  • An numerical overflow issue involving certain buffs which would slow down the server.
  • Several memory leak issues involving the Town servers.
  • An issue with the I.C Shop wherein Pania-tier weapons were not displaying any stats in the item tooltip.
  • An issue with Talisman Expansions wherein the remaining time was displaying on the tooltip as 1/1/1970 (UNIX start time).
  • An issue wherein certain characters would become bugged and cause a server-wide disconnection.
  • An issue wherein disconnected characters (whether force DC or unintentional) would become stuck in the game server session, causing a server-wide crash.
  • Several buffer overflows have been addressed in the Content servers.
  • An issue wherein Vandar items, like equipment and cosmetics would cause a disconnection if attempted to be placed on the Marketplace.
  • An issue wherein the Metronome UI (spacebar mechanic) would go out of bounds under certain conditions.
  • An issue with Coup de Grace wherein the bonus damage calculation was applying on the base stat, resulting in double damage.
  • An issue with Auras on Tank jobs wherein the buff radius was inconsistent and too short compared to Guardian.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following issues:

  • Playing the game on Ryzen Zen CPUs (3000 and 5000 series) breaks particle/VFX positon offsets of certain I.C items, making them fly toward a random coordinate in the map. This is primarily caused by an FPU issue with DN.