This patch features another wave of our adjustments for PVP, new cosmetics, and much more.

Naturally, with a patch featuring a bunch of backend adjustments, new bugs are prone to happen. If you catch any new ones, let us know on Discord and we'll work towards fixing them.

Let's get started with one of the biggest changes which are introduced with this update.

Panias Adjustment

Pania Weapon Exchanges

Phantom Shards can no longer be exchanged for any Pania weapons at the storefront.

Instead, we've switched to using a weapon coupon system with a monthly rotation in the Infinity Box each month.
These weapon coupons are tradeable or sellable with other players.

Chaos Cube (Pania) will also be discontinued, it can still be used but they will continue to return Phantom Shards.
The exact weapon coupons will not be returned to you.

Additionally, we will no longer be locking specific Panias behind specific seasons of the year, such as Summer's Aisha weapons or Winter's Iona weapons.

We also have a new coupon gacha box, more details are below.

Hero Level System

We've implemented a new system which allows you to level up and boost your stats beyond the current level cap of 80.

While you cannot gain more skill SP per level, you can gain additional stats such as such as physical and magical damage boosts!

The Hero Level System is unified - all maxed-level characters gain the bonuses and any maxed-level character can contribute EXP to Hero Level.
However, there is a weekly limit of 3,000 Hero Level EXP that can be obtained.

If you're at the current level cap, your EXP bar will change to the following below, with a tooltip similar to this:

You can accrue Hero EXP by clearing various content on Infinity Nest, such as nests and raids.

Currently, the highest Hero Level you can attain is Lv.100.

This is only the beginning of our Hero Level expansion, and we will continue to work on additional Hero Levels and stat boosts in the future.

Garden Reorganization

Content is now re-organized in the Garden of Time and Space.

Content is also split into "tiers" now, and the portal locations have been reassigned accordingly:

  • Beginner Difficulty : Kairon Nest
  • Medium Difficulty : Volcano Nest, Third Core Nest, Dragon Expedition, Volcano Trial Nest
  • Hard Difficulty : Cerberus 80, Manticore 80, Mino EX, RDN: Memoria, RDN: Normal
  • Very Hard Difficulty : Rage of The King, Kairon EX
  • Extra Hard Difficulty : RDN: HC, KN Encore

Solo content such as A Tiger's Pride still has their own individual portal.

I.C Shop Update

Scarlet Royal Set

A brand new costume set has been added to the I.C Shop, and it includes Vandar.
Priced at the usual points, grab your set today!

Classic Scarlet Royal
Black Night Sky Royal
Warrior/Cleric/Assassin/Vandar – Conviction Red Royal, Archer/Sorceress/Academic/Kali/Lencea/Machina – Pure Yellow Royal

Infinity Box

The Infinity Box has been updated this patch.

The following Pania weapon coupons can now drop during the month of May:

  • Abyss 2.0
  • Brilliant Hero
  • Scarlet Royal

You can trade these coupons at Pania for special weapons!
Each month introduces a different rotation of Pania weapon coupons, so the three coupons above will no longer be available in our June update.

Pania Coupon Gacha Box

We've added a new type of Gacha box in the I.C Shop, located right in the "Gacha" tab, on the second page.

This box is special in a sense that it contains coupons which are not available in the current monthly rotation, including previous seasonals such as Aisha and Iona coupons!

If there's a specific Pania weapon design which you don't feel like waiting for, try your luck with our new gacha boxes today.

General Adjustments

NPC Shops

  • The "Marine" and "Scarlet Royal" weapons have been added to Pania under the "Special Store" option.
  • New CC/Free "Legendary Chef" costumes have been added to Pania under the "General Store" option (includes Vandar).


  • Wellsprings/Origins no longer have an effect in PVP matches. Postponed until next hotfix
  • The time limit per round in Rounds gamemode has been increased to 6 minutes.


  • You may now enter the Battle Training Ground as a party at the Garden or South Gate portals.
  • For new characters/accounts, using the Level 80 Skip Potion will now immediately grant you access to Daily and Weekly Tasks. No more waiting! Postponed until next hotfix
  • Continued work on the Effect Transparency sliders. Projectiles will still remain to be visible, as this is work-in-progress.
  • Client performance boosts.
  • (PVP Only) In the Combo Practice room, skill hitbox debug data will be displayed. Note that some high-burst skills have performance impacts. Postponed until next hotfix
  • (PVP Only) A music selection UI has been added.

You can now select different music for PVP matches, and there will be more tracks in the future! There is currently one major bug with the music system, read below.
Additionally, we are working on another feature where you will be able to select different environments for PVP maps (such as a raining environment).

(PVP Only) Music selection button
Current track list as of Patch 4.8
Preview of the new CC/Free costumes added to Pania
Hitbox data now displays in Combo Practice (PVP)

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Iai Slash The finishing attack is now a full iFrame.


Skill Name Adjustment
Siege Stance EX The skill duration has changed from 7s -> 5s.
The skill cooldown has increased from 13s to 20s.
Rain of Arrows EX The skill cooldown has reduced from 15s -> 10s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Slime Shake The skill cooldown has reduced from 35s -> 10s.
Coolant The skill cooldown has reduced from 13s -> 10s.
Icy Expression The skill has been changed.


Skill Name Adjustment

Ice Beam EX
The skill has been reworked.
The skill cooldown has reduced from 20s -> 15s.
The debuff amount has decreased from 15% -> 10%.
Overall damage increase.
Magma Wall EX The skill has been reworked.
Blazing Rain This is a brand new custom skill.


Skill Name Adjustment
Lovesick The skill cooldown has reduced from 40s -> 30s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Backflip Pierce Overall skill damage has been increased.
Sweeping Charge EX Overall skill damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Relevant Skills Overall damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Hyper Galaxy The skill has been reworked.


Skill Name Adjustment
Thunderous Soul This is a brand new custom skill.
Rising Thunder The skill cooldown has reduced from 12s -> 5s.

Oracle Elder

Skill Name Adjustment
Ultimate Skill The skill can now be casted mid-air.


Skill Name Adjustment
Tumble The skill animation has been changed.

Vena Plaga

Skill Name Adjustment
Manic The skill has been reworked.
Thorn-Infection The additional key input has been removed.
Corrupt Lonely Cloud The skill has been shortened.
The ending delay time has been shortened.
Corrupt Subconscious The startup time is now faster.
Corrupt Thorn of Reproof The skill cooldown has increased from 8s -> 12s.
Slight damage increase.
Thorn-Grudge Slight damage increase.

(PVP) Class Adjustments

We are happy to announce that our work towards fixing and balancing PVP has finally begun (again)!

This time, PVP will be receiving a complete damage overhaul, as well as some additional changes (Refer to the skill descriptions in-game and patch notes for details).

For now, the base stats (such as HP, Attk Power and Defense) have been adjusted for all classes, and all Warriors have the damage and cooldowns of all their skills adjusted.

While we won't list cooldown and damage adjustments, we'll list the other significant changes to the classes below.

This is a work-in-progress, expect skill adjustments for the other classes in the future as well!

For context below: SA = Superarmour, SAb = superarmour break.

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Classes

Skill Name Adjustment
Rage This is a brand new and exclusive passive skill to PVP.

This is a new PVP-exclusive comeback mechanic that increases damage dealt gradually, based on how much HP you have remaining (50%, 30%, and 15%).

This skill will replace the HP passive skill for all classes (Rage is currently only available for the Warrior class).

Upon activation, different Rage tiers have different indicators, letting both you and your enemy know that it has been activated.
Here's a screenshot of one of the tiers:


Skill Name Adjustment
Counter Cross The 5 frame activation delay after being hit has been removed.
Parry The parry duration has been reduced.
Eclipse The suction effect and invincibility effects have been removed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Coup de Grace The superarmour has been reduced from 1200SA to 600SA.
Triple Slash EX The additional inputs (into five slashes) have been removed.
Frenzied Charge EX The additional inputs have been removed.
Forward Thrust EX The SA has been reduced from 400SA to 200SA.
The SA break for the RMB input has been lowered from 600SAb to 400SAb.
The hitbox has been changed from a 360° hitbox to a 180° hitbox.
Coup de Grace EX The SA has been reduced from 1200SA to 600SA
The SA break for the additional attack has been changed from 1200SAb to 400SAb.


Skill Name Adjustment
Crisis Howl The 5 frame activation delay after being hit has been removed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Stomp EX The hitbox for the additional shock wave has been changed to a ring.
Enemies in the middle can no longer be hit
Demolition Fist EX The additional attack has been changed from a slam to an uppercut.
Circle Swing EX It's no longer possible to cast Ultimate Circle Swing.
Bone Cleaver EX The SAb for the additional attack has been changed from 1600SAb to 600SAb.
Demolition Fist EX Input Changed


Skill Name Adjustment
Bombs Away EX The hitboxes for the mini explosions have been removed.
There is now a new additional attack input.

Instead, you can perform an additional attack after the first explosion by pressing the normal attack button.

Bombs Away EX + New Input


Skill Name Adjustment
Counter Slash The 5 frame activation delay after being hit has been removed.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue with Bowmaster's Aerial Stunt wherein it was failing to cast while on elevated areas such as stairs, platforms, hills, etc.
  • Other numerous backend issues have been addressed.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following issues:

  • Hero Levels affect your stats when in PVP.
  • Skill Jades are taking effect when in PVP.
  • When starting a PVP match with a custom music track, upon leaving the match there is a slight chance that the music will forever persist in playback, overlapping every other music that's currently active. The only way to resolve this is to fully restart your game client.

We're working to fix this major issue ASAP. For now we recommend only changing the music track for PVP at your own discretion.