This mini patch is to address several issues introduced with Patch 6.0 as well as some smaller adjustments.



  • You can now easily reach the maximum number of guild members by purchasing Guild Member Expansion starting at Guild level 1 for 0 GP.
  • The cooldown after leaving, disbanding, or being kicked from a Guild in which you cannot join or create a new Guild has been reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours.

Obtainable Items

  • Nerfed the stats of the Mandra pet.
  • Removed all stats obtainable from Mounts.
  • Fixed the stats and set bonus of Frostheart accessory set so they aren't overtuned.
  • Most IC Costumes can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • Most IC costumes can now be equipped regardless of type. (e.g: Sword while equipping Ego Sword weapon).

Ice Dragon Weapons

We're making it easier for everyone to catch up in preparation for the upcoming release of Ice Dragon: Hardcore.

We've changed the enhancement success ratios to give you a better chance of enhancing your weapons.

Furthermore, the materials required at high enhance levels (+17 and above) have been reduced slightly.

I.C Shop

  • The Job Change Scroll, Character Slot Expansion, and Lv90 Skip Potion now costs 1 IC/CC.
  • Removed a bunch of Packages that weren't supposed to be visible.
  • Added Engraving Extractors under the [Functional] tab.
  • The Horn of Life can now be purchased with CC.
  • The Curious Conan pet can now be purchased with CC.

Manticore Nest

  • The cutscenes can now be toggled off properly by interacting to the orb prop.


  • Saint Haven's default BGM has been changed to Erutan - Day of Destiny.
  • Increased the maximum amount of created Vandar characters per account from 1 -> 5.
  • Battle Training Ground access has been removed from the Portals. Instead, you can talk to the Awakening Specialist (formerly Job Changer) NPC to enter BTG.
Accessing BTG via this NPC is a temporary solution. We are aware that this results in you being placed into the European datacentre because there's no server selection.

We're looking into a permanent solution to access BTG without bugging out the Saint Haven portal names.
  • Cosie wasn't supposed to spawn in Saint Haven yet, so the NPC has been removed.
  • Rosetta now spawns at her default Location in Saint Haven, in order for Spinoff jobs to complete their questlines.
  • The tooltips in Beginner Tasks now make it more clear that you have to obtain Coral Jelly by completing the Growth Quest at your respective Class Trainer NPC. This should alleviate some confusion on how to complete Newbie Graduation.
  • Diana has been moved from her previous location to be close to the Chad NPC.
  • The attendance event duration has been extended and we've reset attendance progression to try and fix the days counter not working correctly.
  • Several more Warp Guides have been added to Saint Haven, to increase accessibility.
The default Warp Guide is also highlighted.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:



  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Infinity Edge]

  • You can now condense the final charge by holding down the Back movement key.


[Phantom Slash]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Side Dodge]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Hyper Drive]

  • The initial drive is now an iframe.

[(Awakening) Brave]

  • Now grants you +10% Action Speed buff.

Lunar Knight

[Eluding Moon]

  • Now grants you +10% Action Speed buff.

[Smash X]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Absolute Luna]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Moonblade Dance EX]

  • The camera lock during skill animation has been removed.

[Crescent Cleave EX]

  • The camera lock during skill animation has been removed.


[Thor's Hammer]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Sacred Hammering]

  • Now gives +20% Light Attack.


[Thunder Stroke]

  • The skill is now an iframe.
  • The Custom Input has been restored to the skill.

[Hammer Hand]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Hammer Smash]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Mighty Blow]

  • The skill is now an iframe.


[Lightning Fury (Enhanced Grand Cross)]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Exceed Lightning]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Judgement Spear]

  • The first cast is now an iframe.

[Super Conduction]

  • The skill is now an iframe.

[Charge Bolt (CM3)]

  • Now debuffs enemies light resistance.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:


  • Fixed an issue with Assassin wherein the [Growth] quest could not be accessed via the Class Trainer, in order to obtain Coral Jelly to clear the Beginner Tasks.


  • Fixed an issue with the Artemis title wherein it was being replaced outright by another title.


  • Fixed an issue with the Normal/IC Server Storage wherein there were locked slots, causing inventory bugs and item withdrawal issues.

Known Issues

We are aware of the following:

NPC Shops

  • Pania is missing an exchange option from Magical Fishes into CC Coupons.

DirectX 11 Specific

  • Several eye dye colours will be misrepresented.
  • Closing the game client via disconnection/invalid request or the Task Manager will prevent you from restarting it for a short period of time.

Obtainable Items

  • U-Grade heraldries, talismans, and Ice Dragon materiel cannot be dismantled in the Item Diassembler.

I.C Shop

  • You cannot purchase anything in the "Costumes 2" tab using CC.

Ice Dragon Nest

  • Ice Dragon Jin stutters during animations, can probably skip some, and could be time stopped(?)