This mini patch is to address several issues introduced with Patch 6.0 as well as some smaller adjustments.


New Acquisition Method

You can now clear the Great Arena map in the Streets of Red Lotus Palace and obtain some [Engraving Points] at which you trade them at Diana in Saint Haven for Engraving Scrolls. Banquet is now a thing of the past.

You can enter Great Arena with up to 4 people.


Upon stage clear, items which appears upon defeating The Blue Clan General Bloody Nochang will drop Engraving Points, which can then be traded for various engraving scrolls at Diana.

The amount of Engraving Points drop will varies for each Labyrinth Floor.
There is no weekly limit on how many points you can obtain.

Difficulty Item Drop Amount
Abyss 10 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 1 20 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 2 30 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 3 40 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 4 50 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 5 60 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 6 70 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 7 80 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 8 100 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 9 150 Engraving Points
Labyrinth Floor 10 200 Engraving Points
Diana can be located on the right of Chad.


Obtainable Items

  • Nerfed the stats of the Mandra pet (again).
  • Nerfed pet skills (both active and passive).
  • Disabled the Mystery Solver sets.
  • You can now place Gold Jellies into the Server Storage.
  • Dragon breath skill heraldries no longer debuff enemies.
  • The set bonuses have been removed from Newbie/Novice/Veteran accessories obtained from the Beginner Tasks.


  • You can properly skip the intro cutscenes in Archbishop Nest.
  • Pot usage in Ice Dragon 8-man, 4-man, and Titan Nest are now restricted.
  • Death God's Domain has received a slight refresh, check it out in-game!

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:



  • The amount of times you can block has increased from 5 -> 10.


[Thrust Force]

  • The startup animation is now an iframe.


  • The additional input is now an iframe.

[Divine Driver]

  • Non-parry input is now an iframe.

[Guardian Force]

  • Now grants 600% SA to the party and a 1.5% healing over time effect to self. The 30% HP barrier remains as is.
  • Now procs Divine Connection upon usage.


  • Has been converted from a Passive to an Active skill, can be placed on your skill hotbar.


  • There's now a brief iframe upon cast.

[Class Mastery III]

  • Shield Blow left click input added to use Divine Vengeance enhanced version.

[Stance of Faith EX]

  • Perfect Parry now recovers 7% HP instead of 5%.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:


  • Fixed an issue where Death God's Domain was not displaying the remaining limits in the Entry Count tab.

Player Skills

  • Fixed an issue with Swordmaster wherein Infinity Edge's condensed input hitbox was not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Crusader wherein Thunder Stroke's input hitbox was not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Crusader wherein Hammer Hand was not an iframe as per the previous patch note.
  • Attempted fix on Randgrid's Heroic Charge not playing any animations.
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian wherein Auto Block would not let you perform the custom Divine Ascension EX action.
  • Fixed an issue with Guardian wherein Block would not let you perform the custom Divine Ascension EX, this has been fixed.

Playable Content

  • Fixed an issue with both Osiris and Ice Dragon Jin wherein the bosses were able to become influenced by various debuffs, such as paralyze, stun, timestop, etc.
  • Fixed an issue with Professor K Nest wherein the clear counts were not counting toward the Weekly Tasks progression.

IC Shop

  • Fixed an issue wherein several costumes were immediately expiring upon purchase.

Known Issues

We are aware of the following:

Saint Haven

  • With the exception of the West Gate and Central Observatory, the other Warp Guides do not operate.

NPC Shops

  • Pania is missing an exchange option from Magical Fishes into CC Coupons.

DirectX 11 Specific

  • Several eye dye colours will be misrepresented.

Obtainable Items

  • The mount obtained from Argenta's exchange shop located at Deckard does not function properly.

I.C Shop

  • You cannot purchase anything in the "Costumes 2" tab using CC.