Patch 4.7 introduces the anticipated Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore) raid, daily and weekly player missions, daily points system, next batch of custom skills, and a new costume set. While we cannot cover exactly everything in detail regarding the patch, we recommend you check things out in-game for yourself.

We are also preloading things required for the upcoming Christmas event.

The game client will automatically update to the latest patch.

* Patch Notes last updated on: 12/5 at 10:58 (UTC+1)

New Playable Content

Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

This is our most challenging content so far, does your party have what it takes to defeat Pether once and for all?

There will also be a Server First Clear event, in which the first party to clear the raid will receive special prizes! We are looking forward to spectating the race.

Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore) can be accessed in the Garden of Eternity. An entrance pass is required for all participating party members.

Level Requirement 80
Item Level Requirement Avg. item level 460 or higher
Max Party Size 8 players
Revivals None
Weekly Limit 1 clear per weekly reset
Recommended Composition 1x Tank, 2x Healer, 5x DPS

For Tanks, we recommend at least 6 million HP + 100,000 Defense. As for DPS, we recommend at least 4 million HP + 85,000 Defense.


The treasure coffer which appears upon completing Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore) will not drop any gear.

All loot will be bound to each player. Rolling on loot is not required.

Chest Contents:

Item Name Item Count
Red Dragon's Wrath x3
Draconic Fragment x75
Life-giving Essence x200
Eternal Orb x300
Otherworldly Fragment x250
Exquisite Diamond x200
Exquisite Onyx x100
Exquisite Altheum x100

* Reward eligibility will be reset every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. (Server Time) or any forced nest resets, if applicable.


Daily & Weekly Missions

Daily and Weekly missions are finally here! By completing certain objectives before each reset, you can net a bunch of additional rewards.

Dailies and Weeklies progression is shared across all characters on the same account. As for reward distribution, it goes into your Special Storage so you can redeem it on any character.

We recommend you explore all the missions available in-game! There is no rotation each reset.

If you have missions available, the icon will now be shown on the lower right of your UI.

This is the main screen of the tasks.

The Daily tab features objectives which require you to enter Equalised Dungeons, so your gear does not matter while running those specific contents.

NPC Shops


  • You can now exchange your Daily Points for various items in his Daily Shop.
  • In his Raging Storm Exchange shop, you can now exchange your Essences for more items:

Saint's Haven Update

  • Christmas music now plays, props have been updated, and new day and night cycles now apply.
  • An extra Buff Stone NPC has been added in front of the Garden of Eternity.
  • An Extractor has been added in between Loffy and the General Storage NPC.
Load into town after 18:00, but before 06:00 Server Time to check out the night environment


  • The login background music has been updated.
  • Customised music for RDN: Hardcore bosses.
  • Localisation updates.
  • Guild pots and buffs no longer show their icons on your buff bar, reducing visual clutter.
  • Small client stability boost.
  • New splash image on client boot.
  • Running the client for the first time will now default to all Skill Effects being visible, instead of invisible.
  • Pve Rankings are now disabled.

XC Shop

Fairy Tale Set

Different localisation in our client, the Fairy Tale (Far Far Away) set is now available in the XC Shop at the usual prices.

Small Vandar Additions

Various Vandar hair styles and faces are now available for purchase. It's free, just like the rest.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

Lunar Knight

Skill Name Adjustment
Halfmoon Slash EX The skill damage has been reduced.


Skill Name Adjustment
Siege Stance EX The stance duration has been shortened to 4s.
The cooldown has decreased from 15s to 10s.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Delta Attack This is a custom Active skill


Skill Name Adjustment
Judgmental Hammer EX The skill damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Flare Impact This is a custom Active skill


Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Anguish This is a custom Active skill
Applause EX The skill damage has been increased.

Abyss Walker

Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Chaos Strike This is a custom Active skill
Line of Darkness EX Changed to become one hit, instead of three total.


Skill Name Adjustment
Gungnir The skill damage has been reduced.
Vengeance from Above The skill damage has been reduced.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rime Tempest The skill damage has been decreased.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed several tooltip issues, mainly in the System Options.
  • Fixed an issue wherein changing actions too fast with Majesty's 50EX skill would cause you to not hit anything.
  • Fixed an issue with Ruina wherein the last hit of Pressure Release EX was dealing the incorrect amount of damage.