Hello everyone, as we wrap up the year with our final patch, we wish that you have fun and enjoy the holidays, with huge emphasis on staying safe. While 2020 has been a terrible year for almost all of us, we're having hopes that 2021 will be better.

The game client will automatically update to the latest patch.

* Patch Notes last updated on: 12/19 at 11:13 (UTC+1)

Playable Content

Granom Nest

  • The Magical Defense attribute of bosses have been decreased.

RDN: Hardcore

  • Tacitus: Overall HP nerfed, damage significantly increased.
  • Ares: Damage of Slam and Gustav are increased. Now teleports before Cross Cut. (Purple Line AOE) to hopefully resolve server position issues.
  • Pets are now enabled while inside the instance.

2020 Winter Fiesta Event

Event Period

  • From December 19, 2020 at 9:00 to January 9, 2021 at 08:59 (UTC+1)

Event Summary

  • [Irine] now has a new dialogue option for the 2020 Winter Fiesta exchange shop.

More Details

Since this is a re-run of the 2019 version, the details remain similar. This is a simple collect-and-redeem type event, lasting until the event conclusion date above.
The main goal is to collect [2020 Winter Coupons], which can be obtained by clearing various tasks, detailed as:

Completing World Daily Tasks will grant you 10x 2020 Winter Coupons each task, with the exception of the last two dailies, as they'll give you 30x and 70x coupons respectively.

Completing each Content below will grant each player a fixed amount of [2020 Winter Coupons] per clear. These drops are bound to your name, meaning no loot rolling is required:

Content Name Event Drops
Kairon Nest x5 2020 Winter Coupons
Volcano Nest x5 2020 Winter Coupons
Third Core Nest Nest x5 2020 Winter Coupons
Cerberus Nest (Lv80) x7 2020 Winter Coupons
Manticore Nest (Lv80) x7 2020 Winter Coupons
Raging Storm x10 2020 Winter Coupons
Granom Nest x10 2020 Winter Coupons
Rage of the King x15 2020 Winter Coupons
Red Dragon Nest (Normal) x15 2020 Winter Coupons
RDN: Hardcore x20 2020 Winter Coupons

Event Item Exchanges

  • By speaking to [Irine] in Saint's Haven, you can exchange your [2020 Winter Coupons] for a bunch of various goodies, one of them being an exclusive mount!

New Costumes

The following Costumes have been added to the IC Shop:

These costumes are available at the usual price points, check em out in game

  • 2020 Christmas Costumes
  • Musician 2.0 Set
Silent Night Set
Royal Night Set
Holy Night Set
Musician 2.0 Set


Purifying Light Weapons

After about a year of them being unavailable, they've returned to the Infinity Boxes. Once you obtain an Icy Dust, head on over to Pania and click to open the Special Store. The Purifying Light weapons should be on the third tab. Grab them now while they're in stock!

These are seasonal and exclusive Pania weapons. Once the 2020 Winter Fiesta event concludes, the coupons will no longer be obtainable until Winter 2021.

  • Obtainable by opening (Premium) Infinity Boxes. The free variant will not contain Icy Dust.
  • As usual, you can preview the weapons [Pania] in Saint's Haven.

Infinity Boxes

  • The Freaky Bear Coupons, Hallowee Lamp set, and Cosy Coffin mount has been removed from both variants of the Infinity Box.

The following items have been added to the Premium Infinity Box:

Item Name
Frostheart Wings
Frostheart Tail
Frostheart Decal
Icy Dust
Steampunk Rabbit Car


  • The "XC" terminology will now be referred to as "IC". This stands for Infinity Cash.
  • The game client font has been adjusted.
  • We've changed our localisation base to the latest version of SEA. Several terminology have changed, such as Crest -> Heraldry.
  • The Iridescence and Freaky Bear coupon exchange options have been moved from Irine to Pania.
  • Background image adjustment for the IC Shop.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

Irine (Transformation)

Skill Name Adjustment
Irine Car Dash! The debuff duration has decreased from 20s -> 10s.
The debuff amount has decreased from 30% -> 15%.


Skill Name Adjustment
Frenzied Drive EX The skill damage has been reduced.
Can now chain into 2 additional charges.
Hacking Stance EX Now provides full iFrame during the right-click action.
Triple Slash EX Two additional slashes have been added on both left/right click.
Iai Slash This is a new custom skill, check it out in-game.

Frenzied Charge EX note: By continuing to hold left mouse click, you will chain into two additional casts. This also works while condensed, instead of holding the mouse button, you simply hold the Backwards directional key.


Skill Name Adjustment
Crusader's Zeal The buff can no longer be wiped.


Skill Name Adjustment
Elemental Shield The superarmour bonus has been increased to +80%.


Skill Name Adjustment
65 Passive The cooldown reduction effect for Ignite is removed.
Now applies a +10% Magic Damage increase.

Ice Witch

Skill Name Adjustment
65 Passive The cooldown reduction effect for Shatter is removed.
Now applies a +10% Magic Damage increase.


Skill Name Adjustment
Turbo Boost The "Damage Taken Up" debuff penalty has been removed.

Randgrid (DPS Tree)

Skill Name Adjustment
Stomp N Stab Now applies a +50% Action Speed buff.
Blazing Scar This is a new custom skill, check it out in-game.
Stoicism This is a new custom skill, check it out in-game.
Courage This is a new custom skill, check it out in-game.
Fire Bomb This is a new custom skill, check it out in-game.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • The windblade projectiles from Gladiator's Frenzied Charge EX should no longer stagger and slow down bosses with unbreakable superarmour.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Avenger's Death Knell wherein initially holding down left-click mouse button would prevent the third fire projectile from firing out.