Another small patch before the release of Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore).

Patch notes last updated on: Nov 3, 2020 09:46 (Server Time/UTC+1)

The following will be implemented in future updates:

Account-wide Daily and Weekly Tasks
Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore)
Vandar cosmetics such as Hairstyle, Face, etc.
More XC Shop updates

NPC Shop


  • Several Divine plates have been added, costing x100 Expedition Medallions for each one.

NPC Shop


  • A new Chaos Cube has been added to her General Store, use this to exchange several duplicate items from the Infinity Boxes you may have, such as wings, tail decals, etc.


  • The damage debuff on Green Dragon Toxic Smog Plate has been reduced from 30% to 15%.
  • Premium Infinity Boxes can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • More system preparations for RDN HC.
  • RDN HC Passes and Divine Velskud Rings can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • General performance improvements.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Aerial Chain Shot EX New Additional Input.
Deathbloom EX The skill has been reworked.
Siege Stance EX Action speed and damage output has been increased.
Rain of Arrows EX Animations have been refined.
New Additional Input.
Sylph's Aid The skill cooldown has been increased to 60s.

Aerial Chain Shot EX: When you have 50 Bubbles/Wind Arrows, you can cast Caladbolg by pressing Left Mouse Button after while in the middle of the animation of ACS EX.

Rain of Arrows EX: When casting the skill, you can press the Left Mouse Button at any time to shoot arrows to the front and end the skill.

Deathbloom has been renamed to Tactical Shot. You will reposition yourself by dodging, and shoot an arrow automatically. You can adjust the direction of the dodge by holding down a movement direction key while pressing the skill button.


The animation of Frost Chaos has been changed.

Still does the same debuff as before, just the animation has been changed due to her projectile skill bugging out frequently.


Skill Name Adjustment
Flurry Strike The skill cooldown has been increased to 15s.


Skill Name Adjustment

The skill cooldown has been increased to 15s.
Damage has been decreased.
Frontal hitbox has improved.


Skill Name Adjustment
For Glory The Damage Taken penalty has been removed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rime Tempest The skill cooldown has been increased to 15s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Limit Break The Damage Taken penalty has been removed.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed several stat issues on various Decals.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Kali's Ghost Surrender would reset enmity on some bosses.
  • Several other issues have been resolved.