Hello everyone, and welcome to the main patch for the month of October.

Lots of new goodies such as the Infinity Box reworks, Saint's Haven town change, Halloween 2020 costumes, and much more! Read on below to discover everything included in this patch.

Playable Content

Granom Nest Adjustment

  • The overall HP values of each boss in Granom Nest has been lowered.

Cerb EX (Rage of The King)

  • Now an 8-man instance.
  • Now drops Red Dragon Nest: Hardcore entry passes in the loot chest.
  • HP values have been buffed in order to maintain relevancy, as well as the change to an 8-man instance.

Red Dragon Nest

  • No longer requires an entry pass to enter.

Due to the heightened difficulty anticipated for RDN HC, we would like to start giving out passes a bit early.

XC Shop


A new tab for Mounts have been added to the store. The following mounts are available for sale:

Item Name Price
Gorgeous Nine-Tail 12,500 XC
Fluffy Adventurer Racoon 12,500 XC
Celestial Pegasus 12,500 XC
Soft Gold Cloud 12,500 XC
Soft White Cloud 12,500 XC
Thundering Dark Cloud 12,500 XC
Hellfire 12,500 XC
SS Ideal mk-0 20,000 XC
SS Ideal mk-0S 20,000 XC
SS Ideal mk-0T 20,000 XC
Demolition S70 (Fire Black) 20,000 XC
Demolition S70 (Romance Red) 20,000 XC
Demolition S70 (Sky Blue) 20,000 XC
Demolition S70 (Metallic) 20,000 XC

We've decided to sell mounts directly for many reasons. Over time, we've seen many instances of people having duplicate mount coupons with zero use. Note that super rare mounts can be an exception.

Infinity Box Rework

  • Regular Infinity Boxes can now be purchased with CC.
  • Introduced Premium Infinity Boxes, which is locked to XC only, but all "filler" items have been removed from the pool. You're always guaranteed something valuable per box.

Here are the current items in the Infinity Box pool:

Rare/Exquisite Drops Filler Drops
Shifting Feather Advanced Jellies x100
Infinity Fragment Essence of Life x50
Freaky Bear Coupon (Limited Time Panias) Exquisite Diamond x30
Hero's Dust Eternal Orbs x50
Silver Dragon Accessory Set Amazing Morphogen (Irine) x5
Perfect Pure Metallic Accessory Set Draconic Fragment x25
Lotus Dragon Lord Ghost Morphogen x5
Phantom Shard Pink Messenger Bird x10
Demolition S70 (Irine Edition) Engraving Transfer x100
Cozy Coffin (Limited Time Seasonal) Pet EXP Boost (Lv.50) x1
Dark Night Wings Amazing Morphogen (Little Winnie) x1
Dark Night Tail Amazing Morphogen (Sweet Eddie) x1
Dark Night Decal Big Head Potion x1
Halloween Pumpkin Lamp Wing
Halloween Pumpkin Lamp Tail
Halloween Pumpkin Lamp Decal
Irine Has My Back (Transformation)
Lovely Irine Tail (Transformation)
Lovely Irine Decal (Transformation)

Here's a preview of the three new Accessory Sets:

Dark Night Set
Halloween Pumpkin Lamp Set
Irine's Costume Transformation Set 

Costume Transformations

We've introduced costume transformations to the server.

By equipping specific accessories and fulfilling the set bonus, you can now transform your character into various characters in both Town and Field instances! Each transformation comes with predefined skills to use in Fields.

Irine's Costume Transformation items can only be obtained by opening either Infinity Boxes at standard rates or the new Premium Infinity Boxes for much better chances.

Navigate to this Costume Skill icon once you've acquired the Set Bonus
Now you have a Costume Skill which can be used in instanced content.

2020 Halloween Costumes

We've added a brand new costume set to the XC Shop, at the usual prices. These sets contain One-Piece, so you will find the Freaky Bear items under both "Head" and "One Piece" categories.

Here's a preview:

Limited Time Pania Weapons

And we can't forget weapons, so for a limited time (until November's patch date) you can obtain exclusive Pania Weapons by opening either Infinity Boxes or the new Premium Infinity Boxes in order to get a Freaky Bear Coupon, which can be exchanged at Irine's Shop.

Each weapon also has a special type of glow, grab yours today!



  • The "Effects (Player)" and "Effects (Party)" sliders in System Options have been implemented. This adjusts most skills transparency.
  • Skill Tooltips are enhanced. Now it also displays Damage Type, Element Attribute, and Max Level.
  • You can now click an NPC icon on the map to teleport to it directly.


  • The Saint's Haven map has been adjusted to the first iteration.
  • Preloaded a bunch of stuff for Red Dragon Nest: Hardcore
  • Implemented more missing assets into the game client
Front Fountain, where all our Custom NPCs are located
Garden of Eternity Portal
Bird's Eye View, north of Saint's Haven

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Classes

Skill Name Adjustment
Aerial Evasion When airborne, the 5-frame lockout before you can use AE is removed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Relevant Skills Overall skill damage values have been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Relevant Skills Overall skill damage values have been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Flurry Strike This is a brand new custom Active skill


Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Gungnir This is a brand new custom Active skill


Skill Name Adjustment
Falling Meteors You can now Tumble cancel it earlier.


Skill Name Adjustment
New Skill: Rime Tempest This is a brand new custom Active skill

Randgrid (DPS Tree)

Skill Name Adjustment
Relevant Skills Overall skill damage values have been increased.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Client would not exit gracefully under specific conditions.
  • When creating a new character under certain conditions, a "secondary password error" message would prevent you from creating that character.
  • Fixed a bug on Duelist Phantasm Blade's Parry variant.
  • More numerous fixes.

Known Issues

We are aware of the following:

  • Mounts cannot be previewed in the XC Shop under normal conditions.
  • Weapon Previews break when trying to view the Freaky Bear Panias while not being the same class.
  • Effects and particle positionings are wrong on the Preview window.
  • Your character is completely visible while on the Cosy Coffin mount.
  • A chance to crash the game client when opening the Map while in Saint's Haven.