Small patch before a bigger one this month, which will contain several new class skills, the Infinity Box reworks, and several more stuff. Stay tuned!


XC Shop

  • The Engraving Transfer item has been added to the shop, the item is purchasable with CC.

Playable Content

  • The tanks busters for Kikum and Agnal in Granom Nest have been redesigned.


  • Final Damage calculation has changed to become linear. In short, this makes FD feel much more rewarding if you're not already capped on FD. You no longer have to build a certain amount of FD before you notice a significant difference.
  • A new Attendance Event has started, make sure you log in each day to get all the rewards!
  • More costume pieces are now supported by the Engraving System, a good example are the older wedding sets.
  • The crafting window at any Blacksmith now displays the total amount of mats you have available, instead of just the amount required to craft an item.


  • The Arena is open again. We've tried to do some network improvements which may or may not make a difference, but it requires some testing by players.
Attendance Event for this month, lasting until Nov 1

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Divine Might Now reduces the CD of Zeal instead of Smite.
Zeal Additional effect: Applies a -30% damage taken buff.
Smite EX The cooldown has been reduced by -20 seconds.

Resolved Issues

Player Skills

  • Fixed an issue wherein Duelist's Phantasm Blade EX made it impossible to deal damage to mobs for a few seconds after casting. If this bug existed on other classes, it's been fixed retroactively.
  • Attempted to fix multi-hit on several player skills which should be hitting only once.
  • The action speed of Engineer's Mechanic Cannon has been corrected.
  • Fixed several action lockouts involving Dancer's Mist Step.


  • Fixed a camera issue when creating a new character.