Welcome again folks, this time to the second part of Patch 4.53.

Read on below to get the full scoop of everything that's in this update.

The following will be implemented in near-future updates:

Additional content for Daredevil Faire such as Miracle Jelly and Cloaked Dragon, including new rewards such as Animal Hat boxes.
October's Attendance Event is planned to begin later this month.
Infinity Boxes system overhaul
Fishing and Farming will be available in the next update.

New Playable Content

Granom Nest

Granom Nest can be accessed in the Garden of Eternity, at the same portal as Volcano Nest.

A nest which is unfortunately no longer available in the official servers, it's making a debut here as our first Rhadames themed nest. We've also put our own twists into some nest mechanics, and each boss features a separate music track!

Granom Nest will be one of the few options in which you can obtain specific tiers of Engraving Scrolls.


Arcadia, the kingdom of civilisation which was reduced to rubbles by the Childs, is where the majority of Rhadames residents hail from. Now known as the “Land of Death”, only vengeful ghosts and abandoned machines roam its streets… until the kingdom fell into the hands of a strange Child named Granom.

Unlike the other Childs who relished in blood and massacre, Granom had both sanity and intellect, and he had chosen not to absorb the jewels of other Childs. Instead, he was interested in the vast knowledge of the Arcadians. After conquering the kingdom, he spared the lives of all Childs who were in Arcadia.

Could he be... a good Child?
The terrible screams resounding from his laboratory seemed to tell another story.

Level Requirement 80
Item Level Requirement Avg. item level 460 or higher
Max Party Size 4 players
Revivals 2 times
Weekly Limit 10 clears per weekly reset
Intended Composition 1x Tank, 1x Healer, 2x DPS


The treasure coffer which appears upon completing Granom Nest will not drop any gear.

Chest Contents:

Item Name Item Count
Otherworldly Fragment x100
Granom Nest Engraving Box x1
Eternal Orb x100
Draconic Fragment x6

* Reward eligibility will be reset every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. (Server Time) or any forced nest resets, if applicable.

Daredevil Faire

Several instances in the Daredevil Faire are now open to the public!

Designed as chill content, featuring an unlimited weekly clear limit (well it's actually 999 times per week), the following instances are available:

Secret Room
Reckless Umrak
Thorny Path

For each instance, depending on your score/rank, the amount of treasure coffers which spawns at the end will be adjusted accordingly.

Should you fail the instance, you will receive only one treasure coffer. If you score a perfect, four treasure coffers will appear at the end of the instance.

1x [Otherworldly Fragment] will drop from any chest along with a 15% chance to drop the [Daredevil Engraving Box].

All chests in the Daredevil Faire are shared, regardless of which instance you're in.

Engraving System

In this patch, the engraving system is now accessible to all players!
Engravings allow you to add stat bonuses on XC costumes and weapons. Think of it as Dragon Jades but for XC items, but with several limitations.

System Overview

  • Only 1 Engraving is allowed for each item. Previously applied engraving will be replaced when a new engraving is applied on an item.
  • When items with Engraving are traded, the Engraving effect will also follow the item.
  • All Engravings on InfinityNest are tradeable and can be sold between players.
  • !! ENGRAVINGS CANNOT BE REMOVED ONCE APPLIED TO AN ITEM. A transfer system may be available in the near future. !!

Tier System

Our server features 7 different rarities of Engravings, which are categorised as tiers. The following tiers are: D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

  • Stats are increased as you go higher up the tier list.
  • Both SS and SSS Tier can only be obtained by purchasing the engraving gacha box from the XC Shop.
  • S tier and below can be obtained through completing content.

Engraving Types

  • Armour Engraving Scroll can be used on [Helmet] [Top] [Bottom] [Gloves] and [Shoes] XC items.
  • One Piece Engraving Scroll can be used on [One Piece] XC items.
  • Weapon Engraving Scroll can be used on [Primary Weapon] and [Secondary Weapon] XC items.

There is an engraving exchange shop added at Rajuul.
By speaking to him and selecting the [Rajuul's Crafts] option, you can upgrade certain tiers of engravings into something higher, but note that the exchange rate is high.


Currently, you can acquire different kinds of engraving boxes by:

  • Completing Daredevil Faire content (not guaranteed a box per run, % chance drop)
  • Completing Granom Nest (guaranteed a box drop)
  • Purchasing either a Regular engraving box, or a Premium engraving box which has increased rates for higher tiers.

Below are the tiers which can be obtainable per box:

  • Daredevil Faire Box: D Tier, C Tier, and B Tier
  • Granom Nest Engraving Box: B Tier, A Tier, and S Tier
  • (XC Shop) Armour Engraving Box: A Tier, S Tier, SS Tier, SSS Tier
  • (XC Shop) Weapon Engraving Box: A Tier, S Tier, SS Tier, SSS Tier
  • (XC Shop) Premium Armour Engraving Box: S Tier, SS Tier, SSS Tier
  • (XC Shop) Premium Weapon Engraving Box: S Tier, SS Tier, SSS Tier

There will be additional ways to obtain various engraving boxes in the near future.

The upcoming Attendance Event will give you a chance to obtain both Premium Armour and Weapon engraving box, but it will require a high login streak.

We hope you will enjoy the introduction of our engraving system. Note that things may be subject to change in the future.

Playable Content Changes

Manticore Nest (Lv.80)

  • The Health pool of the final boss has been increased.
  • The health pool of non-boss mobs at the first stage has been significantly lowered. Additionally, their superarmour values have been increased, so they should no longer stagger.



  • All previous Feats have been removed.

The original feats are too mundane to be realistically achievable in a private server scenario.
As such, we've disabled all original feats from official and will be creating our own custom feats, while bringing back some older feats but lessen the requirements.

This should give players something to shoot for if they like to hunt feats or achievements.

  • Two Feats are currently available in the Feats tab. One of them is obtained by clearing Rage of The King 10 times.

More custom feats will be added in the next patch!

XC Shop

  • Standard and Premium engraving boxes have been added to the shop
  • Curious Conan pet can now be purchased with CC.


  • The Arena is disabled until the next update due to several broken UIs introduced with the Ladder Seasons system. The crash issue has been fixed though.
  • General performance improvements.
  • You can now use the "Inspect" button when viewing player records in PvE Rankings. Note that the player's equipment are snapshotted by the server only for that specific ranking. This means if that player's equipment has changed since then, it will not reflect in the inspection window.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


A damage nerf has been applied to several skills.

Moonlord was overbuffed in Patch 4.53A and as a result, we had to nerf him back this patch.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
Fatal Impact The skill now charges significantly faster.
Damage nerf.
Dark Stinger The overall damage has been increased.
Piercing Crescent The overall damage has been increased.
Vengeance Storm The overall damage has been increased.
Doom Blade EX The overall damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Piercing Gales The skill hitbox has been drastically improved.


Divine Barrier has been reworked.

HP barrier effect was removed due to frequent double hit bugs, damage reduction increased from -15% to -30%, SA increased from 600% to 800%, small self-only HP regen attached for duration of the skill.

Blade Dancer

Squall Spin changes

Standing still after using the skill felt weird and kinda break her flow. Now you can tumble after using the skill by using the input key.

The Tumble Input doesn't share cooldown with your actual Tumble Skill, so you can still Tumble after Squall Spin even if your Tumble Skill is on CD. It works like Alchemist's Roto-Twirl for the most part.


Skill Name Adjustment
Fatal Stinger EX The overall damage has been increased.
Extreme Twister EX The overall damage has been increased.


Slight Cycle Kick changes

You can now use Ducking or other inputs much easier.


Skill Name Adjustment
Follow Up EX The overall damage has been increased.
Kidney Blow EX The overall damage has been increased.
Pressure Burst EX The overall damage has been increased.
Reckless Charge The overall damage has been increased.
Additional input added.

By holding the backwards movement key when casting Reckless Charge, you can use a condensed version.


Skill Name Adjustment
Phantasm Blade The final hit damage has been reduced.

Resolved Issues

Playable Content

  • Fixed an issue where Pets weren't applying stats while inside Raging Storm (again). Now, pets are enabled as a whole.

Player Skills

  • Fixed an issue wherein using Kali's Mist Caper would force other skill damages to become 0 on the server side.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Archer's Piercing Gales was not applying the elemental damage changes while under the effects of Elemental Conversion Jade.


  • Fixed a line breaking issue with titles and stat attributes.
  • Attempted fix on PvE Rankings. When rankings update, it should no longer wipe previous records. Also should no longer crash the town server. Please ing me immediately on Discord if it does crash the town server.
  • Fixed an Arena Lobby crash issue. The Arena itself is still disabled until the next update.