New Playable Classes


Prepare yourself as the duo Ice and Fire Lenceas specs have arrived to Altera!


With her ice-cold spear, Avalanche is ready to freeze all of enemies that stands before her!
As the main DPS of Ice Party, she is ready to make use all of her skills and abilities to help Adventurers to beat some hard-to-beat bosses!

We did some fine tuning on her kit to make her feel way smoother than how she was originally. And with some new additional effects on her skills to make her more beautiful, she also possess a brand new skill that will help Ice parties get stronger.


Sturdy as a rock and scorching as fire. With her blazing red spear, Randgrid is here to protect her teammates as well as crushing those that stand before her.
As the fire twin of Avalanche, she is here to offer her strengths. She can be your spear to destroy your enemies, or she can be your stalwart shield, and your infallible fortress to protect you from their onslaught.

The hype is pretty big on this class. Because yes, we did overhaul her, and release her as a brand new Randgrid where she can choose to be a Tank, or to be a DPS. This depends on what passive you take on her skill tree.

Each build has their own custom skills!
As a DPS Randgrid, all of her EX skills input has been reworked, and received brand new ones that you can't see in any other server.
And as a Tank Randgrid, we kept all of original EX skills input and gave her a bunch of new skills that will support her role as a tank!

With Randgrid, here's a basic breakdown of how each side works:

Bonus XC Sale

In celebration of Knightess, Randgrid, and Avalanche being released, we'll be having another XC sale!
Purchasing XC during the event period below will grant you +35% bonus XC.

[Event Period]
From June 3rd, 2020 at 09:00 until June 10th, 2020 at 23:59 (CEST)


  • English localisation updates.
  • Various Machina class assets preloaded.
  • A second channel has been added to Saint's Haven.
  • The training Ogre has received a significant HP boost.

NPC Shop Adjustment

DWC Arena Shopkeeper

  • Various Knightess, Avalanche, and Randgrid skill plates have been added to his storefront.


  • Ummanba's store has been renamed to Extreme Nests Shop.
  • The upcoming EX rewards are listed but are not currently available.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Classes

Skill Name Adjustment
Tumble All tumbles now have a forced animation speed.

This should prevent any action speed buffs from making Tumble play faster, thus messing up any timing.


Skill Name Adjustment
Lifesaver The effect of not falling below 1 HP has been deprecated entirely.
This skill now increases the damage of you and all pt members by 3%.
The skill has been renamed Bravery.


Skill Name Adjustment
Empowering Howl The damage reduction effect now only applies to the Mercenary casting the skill, and not the party.
The super armour effect still applies to the entire party.
Bombs Away The cooldown has been reduced from 22s to 15s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Thrill of Battle The damage reduction effect has been increased to -85%, up from -60%.
Devastating Howl The skill has been deprecated and replaced with Final Stand.
Final Stand is a -50% damage reduction for the party.
Please refer to it in game to see the full details.
Breaking Point The skill has been deprecated and replaced with Impenetrable.
This skill can be used freely regardless of animation, much like Gladiator's Feint. It reduces damage taken by -50% and restores HP upon correctly timing it.
Please refer to it in game to see the full details.
Maelstrom Howl The cooldown has been reduced from 32s to 20s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Walking Target This skill now properly stacks with things like Paladin's Armour Break, and Swordmaster's Luring Slice.


Skill Name Adjustment
Ignite No longer removes the target debuff when cast.


Skill Name Adjustment
Shatter No longer removes the target debuff when cast.
Ice Barrier No longer grants a 15% HP barrier.
There was a bug that caused this to never break, and people were exploiting it.
The barrier is now a fixed amount listed in the description. Much like Guardian's, it will not work on unblockable attacks anymore either.


Skill Name Adjustment
Heart of Glory The overall damage has been significantly decreased.
Justice Crash EX The overall damage has been decreased.
Divine Barrier No longer grants infinite superarmour. No longer works on unblockable attacks. A -15% damage reduction effect has been added.
Divine Ascension EX This skill has received an additional input, the effects have been altered slightly, and the CD has been increased from 5s to 10s.
Iron Will The damage reduction effect has been increased to -85%, up from -60%.
Goddess Riposte The CD has been reduced from 10s to 5s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Poison Break EX No longer removes the target debuff when cast.


Skill Name Adjustment
Piercing Spike EX The additional input has been removed.
Both projectiles now shoot out at the same time.

Piercing Spike EX had an interesting bug where sometimes the second projectile would land in a spot completely far away from where your crosshairs were aiming at. This results in a DPS loss. The adjustment will hopefully prevent the bug from occuring again.

We've been hard at work on Knightess, so we hope you enjoy her! As for other classes, we hope you understand why changes were made and the necessity of said changes. A note from myself, Serene, is that I plan on working with Ash and Tetsu sometime very soon on Dancers as well as revisting Dragoon due to several complaints about her falling behind. Thank you for your support and thank you for playing Infinity Nest!

June 5, 2020 - Followup

General Stuff

  • Ummanba Pauldron can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • Pania Weapons and other XC Weapons no longer enforce a weapon type requirement!

This basically means you can equip an Axe while having a Sword on.


  • Fixed an issue where Avalanche was not available as a Job Change option.
  • Fixed an issue with Randgrid where Counterflare could not be used at any time.
  • For Glory and Valor shouldn't get wiped anymore.
  • Hopeful fix for RDN Knight stomp issue.
  • Hopeful fix for RDN marker not showing at the Dragon 1st Phase.


  • Cleric's Righteous Bolt now has a 100% Electrify chance.
  • Flag Salute is now set to 6 seconds cooldown, regardless of skill level.
  • Using Randgrid's Land Crush EX (Tank variant) now applies a -50% damage received buff.
  • Destroyer's Provoke has its iFrame length increased, and can use skills sooner.