Hey all, this patch mainly has to do with the adjustment of all classes in an attempt to restore the previous damage values before our weights adjustment which occurred in Patch 4.39. There are also bonus QoL adjustments for Paladin, which will be detailed below.

Playable Content

General Ummanba (Mino EX)

  • To go along with the new scaling for tanks and their HP values, Mino's tank buster (Skull Sunder) has received a damage increase.

Dragon Expeditions

  • The medallions drop rate has increased from 2 to 4.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Classes

Skill Name Adjustment
All Relevant Skills The overall damage has been tweaked. Please try them out in-game.
While damage output will not be the exact same as before Patch 4.39, we've spent a lot of time figuring out where each class should be, and we'd like to say that aside from a few minor overlooks, each class should feel good to play again. If need be, we will be doing further tweaks in the near future.
We'd like to hear your feedback in our Discord Server!

We've sent a little compensation item, only redeemable for the next two days, head online and check your Special Storage!

Please note that the item is only redeemable once per service account, so choose the character you want the item on wisely.

Redemption period ends on May 13th at 0:00 (CEST)


Skill Name Adjustment
Empowering Howl The bonus HP effect has been reduced from 100% -> 50%.
With the recent HP weight adjustments customised for each class, especially tanks, having a 100% bonus HP effects with increased HP weights means you could tank almost anything alone, including stack markers. This nerf is a direct counter to that.


Skill Name Adjustment
Divine Punishment The buff duration has been reduced to 45 seconds.


Skill Name Adjustment
Heart of Glory The skill cooldown has been increased to 215 seconds.
The buff duration has been reduced to 15 seconds.
The damage has been decreased.
Now increases your HP by 25%.
Now applies a 10% HP regen effect per tick, for 3 seconds.
Heart of Glory should now be considered a purely defensive ultimate, used only to save your life if you are pushed to the absolute limit.
If you wish to have a quick burst ultimate, the newly condensed Divine Hammer should suffice well.


Skill Name Adjustment
Divine Hammer All three hits are now condensed into one singular hit.
We hope to see utilisation of this ultimate more often, not only because it's a much faster burst ultimate, but mainly because the cooldown isn't as long as Heart of Glory.

Gear Master

Skill Name Adjustment
Quackum Duck EX The HP of summoned ducks have been increased.
Ducks were dying almost too quickly after being summoned, this adjustment should make ducks a lot more resilient to insta wipes.


  • The Timed Login Event has returned to Saint's Haven.
  • Loffy is now added back to Saint's Haven.
  • English localisation updates.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue with Valkryie wherein the debuff icon for Piercing Spike EX was not displaying correctly.