Here's a quick patch before the release of our next EX nest. In addition, several PvPers will find some relief knowing that we've been working on trying to address one of the biggest issues which plagues both official and private servers alike.

XC Shop

Rabbit Themed Costumes

Rabbit costumes are now in the XC Shop, available in three different colours to choose from. We've gotten numerous requests over the last couple of months to add costumes more frequently, so this patch marks the start of that effort!

Here are a few classes wearing the Rabbit costumes:
(Please note that the weapons are not included in the package.)


Bonus XC Sale

Following the addition of the Rabbit costumes in the shop, we're also going to be having our own XC sale! Purchasing XC during the event period below will grant you +40% bonus XC.

[Event Period]
From May 8th, 2020 at 09:00 until May 15th at 23:59 (CEST)

PvP Adjustment

Several Backend Stuff

With this patch, we've changed a bit of how the client and server authorisation are handled, while inside a PvP match. This affects one of many things:

While in PvP, passive usable skills no longer rely on server authorisation to cast properly. The conditions on which the passive skill input which is required in order to cast correctly is now ignored by the server.

While this doesn't exactly address skill ghosting or random disconnections, it will however prevent the random passive cancellations where the skill cooldown is instantly reset and nothing actually happens.

In simple terms, your passive skills such as Aerial Evasion, Surprise Attack, Tumble, etc. will always go off.
Unfortunately we cannot do anything if you suffer from internet reliability issues during the match, as your opponent will see some janky things going on.

Usually this kind of change is extremely dangerous to the security and integrity of the game, but since we have our own protection and do not use the traditional *.pak files which official and other private servers use, we can rely on the client having authority for passive skills without the need for server checks.

PvP class balancing aside, we're looking for your feedback on our Discord server in the respective channel!

Playable Content

Red Dragon Nest Adjustment

  • Barbatos is now invulnerable during certain flying mechanics, in an attempt to prevent him getting stuck for an indefinite amount of time.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Rapid Shot EX The cooldown has been reduced from 13 -> 10 seconds.


Skill Name Adjustment
65 Passive Effect reworked.
Now provides +20% INT and +20% Light Element.
The CD reduction has been deprecated.
Spectrum Ray EX The overall damage has been increased.
The cooldown has been reduced by 5 seconds.
Linear Ray EX The overall damage has been increased.
Nine Tail Laser EX The overall damage has been increased.
Laser Cutter EX The overall damage has been increased.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
Dark Anguish You can now input skills faster after right clicking.


Skill Name Adjustment
Magma Monument Players can now walk through magma monuments.
The overall damage has been increased.
Ice Beam Now applies a -15% Elemental Resistance debuff for 10s.
Ground Zero EX The overall damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Poison Pop The overall damage has been decreased.
Poison Break EX The damage has been decreased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rampage Claw EX The camera lock has been removed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Twirling Trance EX The overall damage has been increased.
Spear of Light EX The overall damage has been increased.
Vengeance From Above EX The overall damage has been increased.
Piercing Spike EX Now applies a -5% Light Resistance debuff for 10s.


  • Awakening Fragments are now tradeable with other players and can be placed in the Server Storage.
  • The Timed Login Event is temporarily disabled.
  • The creation of PvP characters is temporarily disabled.
  • Numerous backend changes to the quest and achievement systems.

If you have issues such as receiving incorrect mail contents for achievements, please let us know on Discord!

  • The server now cycles through various MOTDs when loading any Town instance.
  • The client now speed boosts through loading screens a tiny bit faster.
  • English localisation updates.
  • Preloaded some files for a future content update.
  • The skill plate Open Edge EX has been disabled due to abuse.
  • Althea Statues no longer drop from nest instances, due to the deprecation of Golden Goose.
  • The Power Ranger pose gesture has been added for all characters.
  • We've updated player stat scaling to align with those set by the official server. The majority of classes will notice both physical and magical damage increases, as well as several ratios such as AGI:Crit Rate being adjusted. Reverted with Hotfix

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue with Dark Avenger wherein cancelling an active skill with Dark Dash would not register within the server, resulting in you having to double-cast Dark Dash, and getting rubberbanded back into the hit, as the iFrame would not apply.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Avenger wherein using Dark Dash and spamming left click after using the first Piercing Crescent charge would result in your character slashing the air and slowly descending downwards.
  • Fixed various client crashes, related to class bubbles.

Known Issues

  • Purchasing a XC costume package will somehow cause your current CC balance to drop down to 0.

This is purely a visual bug and reloading the XC shop will refresh the balances to its intended values.

  • Several items of the Warrior Rabbit costume packages have missing/blank item icons. The costume appearances themselves show correctly.