Hello peeps, lots of big changes deploying on InfinityNest this patch.

Most of these adjustments were made with the primary focus on QoL (Quality-Of-Life) for the overall experience on the server. Please provide any feedback on our Discord Server if you wish to.

Note that some systems aren't final yet, so expect at least a bug (or more).

We apologise there aren't any new costumes or Infinity Box updates this patch, but stay tuned for some new and fun stuff next patch!

By then you could also expect Kairon EX to be released, a few weeks after that will be a brand new difficulty of Kairon Nest, primarily aimed towards end-game characters, which features additional challenges as well as more loot!

I.C Shop

We have a brand new feature called the Monthly Card.
It's a premium item which you can purchase in the I.C Shop for 25,000 I.C.

It works similar to a subscription, and it allows you to receive rewards and additional I.C every day for 30 days!
Once you purchase the card, the game client must close in order to update relevant account and character information.

Here's a preview of the item:

We hope you enjoy this new feature and we hope that you continue to support us in the long run!

Content System

  • All players now have unlimited entry to all of the playable content.
  • Weekly restrictions on entering content have been removed.
  • Now, you have a weekly limit on each reward chest opened.
  • You may hover your mouse over each Content to reveal what your Weekly Limit progression is.

Now, if you happen to be capped on your weekly runs, you can still enter the instance and clear the content for any reason, whether it's boredom, or helping a friend or guildmate out without having to switch to your alt.
If you're already capped on your weekly reward, then no items will drop for your character until Saturday at 09:00 Server Time.

For example: if ROTK allowed 3 clears per week before, now you have unlimited entries, BUT you can only obtain loot 3 times per week from the Reward Chest. Each chest opened after the limit will drop nothing for you.

Regarding Dragon Fellowship, weekly reward limits will be tied to each of the Final Stages. Due to the nature of Dragon Fellowship having a random rotation of maps, this means you can try your luck at getting either the same Final Stage or a different one, for more loot.
Since you get a bunch more loot here per week compared to before, we've tweaked the exchange rates of Divine Heraldries.

General Adjustments

  • Regular Infinity Box (CC Purchasable) has been renamed to [Community Box (CC)].
  • Disabled several un-used/unimplemented dialogue options on several NPCs.
  • Item probability/rates are now displayed on both types of Gacha boxes.
  • Adjusted the exchange rate of Divine Heraldries from x100 to x150.
  • Client localisation improvements.
  • Skill descriptions no longer display the ATK/DMG percentages. They were inaccurate for a very long time.
  • Meteor and Asteroid Ranceia Gear has its crafting requirements changed to x1 [Eternal Orb] for each piece.
  • More system preps for Kairon EX.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

All Tanks

Classes Adjustment

The Provoke skill has been removed.

You read it right, Provoke actions no longer exist on InfinityNest. We've replaced them with our brand new, custom Tank Stances. By toggling on the Stance, each hit on the enemy will generate Enmity.

No longer do you have to mash Provoke every 15-20 seconds, or fear the chances of it missing completely. Another bonus is that it works concurrently alongside other Aura-based skills such as Elemental Aura.

Here are the names of the new skills:

Skill Name Class
Coruscance Guardian
Defiance Destroyer
Perfect Balance Defensio
Blazing Soul Randgrid

And here's a preview of the stance toggle as a Randgrid:


Skill Name Adjustment
Royal Authority This is a brand new custom skill. Costs 2 Grace bubbles to cast, please check it out in-game.


Skill Name Adjustment
Astrape's Wrath This is a brand new custom skill. Please check it out in-game.
Charitable Zap EX The skill cooldown has been reduced from 30s -> 20s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Severing Fang EX The skill action and visual FX has been reworked.


Skill Name Adjustment
Crystal Shooter The skill has been reworked. Please check the description in-game!

Gear Master

The long awaited GM Rework is here! While we won't provide full details here, be sure to try them out in-game.

Skill Name Adjustment
Mechanic Mode No longer enhances Towers.
Changed into a self-buff which increases P.DMG and M.DMG.
All Duck EX Skills Now replaced with Tower EX skills.
All Base Tower Skills The skill cooldowns have been increased.
Maximum Tower Limit has been increased from 3 -> 4.
Big Mecha Bomb The damage has been increased.
The skill cooldown has decreased from 25s -> 15s.
Skyline (Engineer Tree) The damage has been increased.

The following below are brand new custom skills:

Skill Name
Special Ammo : Piercing
Special Ammo : Sticky
Equipment : Release
Chainsaw Missile

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Attempted a fix for certain Kali and Assassin jobs being able to temporarily steal enmity from the Tank during combat.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Skill Heraldry (Damage Up) wasn't taking effect on Dark Avenger jobs.
  • Fixed an issue wherein clicking a filter option in Trading House to sort items would crash the client.
  • Fixed an issue wherein skill tree arrows were persistent across multiple skill pages.
  • Fixed an issue with Acrobat's Spiritual Focus where the buff duration was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue with Stone of Alliance wherein the level requirement was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue wherein new Vandar characters were not receiving their Weapon Pouch.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Engineer's Ice Pump Tower was stating it gave -10% Ice Resist when it wasn't applying that effect.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following:

  • The skill description for Duelist's Severing Fang EX is incorrect where it mentions pressing Left Mouse Button for an additional attack. The additional attack is automatically chained when possible.
  • Sometimes instead of the game client closing gracefully when purchasing the Monthly Card, it will crash.