Hello everyone, just another small update before the release of the main patch for February.


  • Event Reward boxes obtained by random server mini events can no longer be traded.
  • The default listing time on the Marketplace has been increased to 24 hours, while premium listing time (by buying a Trading House Special Ticket) has been increased to 96 hours.
  • Preloading more Discord integration for our Irine bot. Market-related features coming soon!
  • More preloading assets and data for Kairon EX along with a new difficulty tier.
  • An Attendance event for February has commenced. Log in each day and rack up free rewards, including Infinity Stamps which can be exchanged for exclusive Picture Titles, or L-Grade Wings of your choice.
  • In Raging Storm, pets can no longer pick up Essence of the Storm.

NPC Shop: Irine

The following items have been added to the "Special 2" tab, under the "General Events" option:

Item Name
Eternal Orb
Courteous Gentleman Sheep
Chubby Crowned Piglet
Ruthless Fat Cat
Crimson Thunder Horse
Welsh Corgi
Golden Corgi

All items can be exchanged using the IDN Event Exchange Tickets, and they come from RNG boxes, which can be obtained by participating in events hosted by our Staff, so keep an eye out on our Discord server.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Siege Stance EX Stance duration has been increased from 4s -> 7s.
Skill cooldown has increased from 10s -> 12s.