Hey all, today we have a mini patch, in order to follow up with Patch 4.41.

New XC Costume

Raincoat Set

This month features the Raincoat set, which was also recently released on the official server. Please check it out in-game!

The Raincoat Set is a one-piece item. Only the head costume slot is separate.

Here are some pictures:

*Costume sets are going to be sold as individual pieces from now on, with the same set bonus.

We've read your feedback submissions and will be announcing a Community Poll very soon regarding the state of our XC Shop, and how we plan on reworking it. Stay tuned!



  • It's now possible to search items in your inventory by typing any characters into the search box, located on top of the inventory window!
  • It's now possible to filter the inventory based on item rarity. This also works in conjunction with item searching.
  • Right clicking on a crest while it's still equipped will no longer destroy it. Instead, the crest can be returned to your inventory for a price.
  • Slight visual adjustments to the XC Shop. The unused currency section does not appear anymore.
  • The enhancement window layout has been changed. Additionally, if you have any Item Protection Jellies in the inventory when trying to enhance an item, our system will automatically enable them.

Please note that the item protection jelly will only be automatically applied when you place your item into the slot. If you enhance anything from +0 onward, the jellies will not be applied. We will have a fix available for this issue in a future time.

Playable Content

  • Relaxed some of the FX that's going on in Cerb EX.


  • Vandar's Pania weapons have been added to the Chaos Cube (Pania).

Skill Rebalancing


Skill Name Adjustment
Pact Of Azuna The lifetime of the summon is now limited to 10s.
The cooldown has been increased from 20s -> 50s.

Due to ongoing bugs/exploits with this skill, it has been changed in an attempt to thwart them.

If intentional abuse of this skill still occurs, or it is found to still cause too many bugs in the future, it will be removed entirely.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue wherein Vandar's heads and other parts were missing when attempting to preview his costumes in the XC Shop.
  • Fixed an issue with Physician wherein her Antidote skill would not cast properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the XC Shop wherein you could not gift any Vandar costume items.
  • Fixed an issue wherein engraving options were displaying on every single XC item.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain props were flickering in and out of existance when viewed from a certain camera distance.
  • Fixed an issue with Cerb EX wherein the FX of Flash Fire wasn't going away properly after cast.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mailbox wherein mail wasn't appearing in the "All" tab like it should.
  • Attempted fix on an issue with Cerb EX wherein the Hellwind cast would mark some players to appear "dead" and as a ghost on other players' screens.
  • Fixed an issue wherein mob spawns could be interrupted and stunned indefinitely, if hit at the correct time.