It's almost the end of December already?

The year has surely flown by this time. December is a time to celebrate with friends and family, to gather, to be thankful, and of course; a time to relax.

But, we wouldn't be our usual selves if we let you get such a calm holiday time.

The following below are our patch notes for this month. As usual, please note that these patch notes may not be in their final form, I may have missed something or made a bunch of grammar mistakes.

Patch note revisions will happen over the next few days.

2019 Winter Fiesta Event

Event Period

  • From December 24, 2019 at 6:00 to January 11, 2020 at 08:59 (CET)

Double Nest Resets

  • For the event period, weekly clear limits will reset twice a week! Once on the usual period on Saturday at 09:00 (CET), and another on Tuesday at 09:00 (CET).

Event Summary

  • [Irine], as per tradition, has been equipped with a two new shops for everyone to check out and gather in some new goods.

On top of that, there's a limited-time Pania exchange item available in these boxes, which is only available for the event duration.

  • Once the event concludes, they will be moved over to the Pania shop and will be available permanently to those who got the exchange tickets from the boxes during the event.

More Details

Similar to the Halloween event, it is a simple collect-and-redeem, lasting until the event conclusion date above.
The main goal is to collect [Winter's Essence], which can be obtained by clearing Volcano or Kairon Nest on any difficulty. The drops are bound, meaning it will link to your character name.

  • Additionally, we have an throwback event instance called [Santa Orc's Run] available via the Party Finder. Those who have played DN back in the years will remember the event instance! Simply queue up and the system will try and match you with one other person! Chase Santa Orc and steal up to x10 of his pouches within the time limit!

Event Item Exchanges

  • By speaking to [Irine] in Saint's Haven, you can exchange your [Winter's Essence] for a bunch of various goodies, including two brand new mounts! You could also exchange some Winter's Essence to try your luck at the Snowy Box for a chance to get a Jackpot item!

XC Holiday Rebate Event

In spirit of the season of giving, please enjoy a bonus rebate on all XC purchases for a limited time!
Purchasing XC can be done by clicking this link:

Event Period

From December 24, 2019 at 6:00 to January 11, 2020 at 08:59 (CET)


45% Bonus XC on all XC purchases via our website.

New & Returning Cosmetics

Return of Iona Weapons

Anyone remember Iona Pania Weapons from 2018? Well, as we promised, they're making a return for 2019, but beware! They're only available for the 2019 Winter Fiesta event period.

  • Speak to [Irine] in Saint's Haven and redeem your [Icy Remains] before her shop disappears. [Icy Remains] are obtained by opening Infinity Boxes, which is our primary gacha item.
  • Infinity Boxes can be purchased in the XC Shop, under the 'Gacha' tab!

Saint/Priestess Set

A relatively new set introduced in official servers, it will be introduced to our server in this December update.
It's a unique-grade set, so you could mix-and-match with other unique-grade cosmetics and also take advantage of the higher stats their set bonuses provide!
Head on over to the XC Shop today to view more.

Note that Weapons are not included in the set, Machina is also not available as a playable character yet 

Purifying Light Weapons

Appearing along with the re-introduction of Iona Pania Weapons, we're also including a brand new Pania weapon set, available now!

  • By participating in the 2019 Winter Fiesta Event and owning a existing regular Pania weapon, you can obtain an [Icicle Voucher] from an [Icy Box], which could be used to purchase a [Chaos Cube (Xmas)]. Insert your regular Pania weapon in, and you will receive an [Icy Dust] in exchange, which could be used to purchased the Purifying Light weapons.
  • Icy Boxes are obtained at a random chance by opening the Snowy Boxes
  • Should you want to turn your shiny new Purifying Light Weapons back to regular ol' panias, you can by purchasing a [Chaos Cube (Xmas Reversal)], which allows you to receive your Phantom Shards back along with the Icicle Voucher.
  • As usual, all of these item exchanges are done by speaking to [Irine] in Saint's Haven.


  • The weather environment in Saint's Haven has been adjusted. Eased up the bloom for the day time cycle so it doesn't destroy your eyesight, adjusted the appearance of the sky in the night time cycle. Snow projectiles now fall more slowly, instead of whizzing across your screen space.
  • Item Levels have been attached to all relevant gear in Infinity Nest.

Item Level basically takes all your combined and various pieces of gear together, sums up the value, then divides it accordingly to give you what's called an 'Average Item Level'.

You can view what item level a piece of equipment has in its description. Additionally, your Average item level will be displayed at the top of your Character Profile page.

This enables us to enforce item level requirements in the future for content so we can have a definitive idea as to what gear a player should/will have entering a raid or nest.

The table below shows what item level a certain piece from a equipment set has.

Item Sets Item Level Values
Planet/Meteor 430
Comet 440
BDN L-Grade 450
RDN U-Grade 455
RDN L-Grade 460
??? (Unreleased) 470
  • Sacred Religion Spirit can no longer be placed in Server Storage.
  • The minotaur summon ability has been disabled in Green Dragon Expedition.
  • The Black Dragon Red Mage explosion hitbox has been adjusted.

The hitbox now closely matches the explosion graphical effects, and can be iframed now. With RDN around the corner, HC shouldn't be as punishing in general, but this bug has been around for far too long.

  • 1 revive has been added to Black Dragon Nest: HC.
  • Talismans can now be used with the extractor.

Level 80 Rare talismans can now be extracted and Infinity talismans can now be extracted (previously a couple were, but into obsolete Lv 70 talisman pieces). For Lv 80 Rare talismans, offensive and defensive talismans extract into different items.

  • The crafting requirements of Quality grade ECJs has been adjusted to require x150 Infinity Vouchers.

We no longer have Saint's Haven Defence available on our server, so having a crafting requirement of SHD coins was useless. We aim to enable SHD once again in early 2020.

  • The Farm area has now been expanded and has much more areas allocated to plots for growing crops.
  • English localisation has been updated. Added new items, texts, NPCs, dialogue options.

PvP Adjustments

December 2019 marks the start of our first few adjustments with PvP in a long time. There are many, many backend changes that would not be noticed during gameplay, so instead we will list out what's most noticeable.

Due to holidays and other time constraints, we've not been able to complete everything we've wanted for the first PvP iteration.
Please note that PvP changes should never be taken as final, we will be making further adjustments starting January of 2020.

First up, all classes' HP values have been adjusted to the following:

Class New HP Values
Mercenary 105,000
Paladin 105,000
Priest 100,000
Lencea 90,000
Swordsman 90,000
Avenger 90,000
Assassin 85,000
Sorceress 80,000
Tinkerer 80,000
Dancer 80,000
Sharpshooter 80,000
Acrobat 75,000
Screamer 75,000

Following the HP values adjustments, all classes damage table coefficients have been reduced to 0. In short and simple terms, damage is now directly influenced by hitbox damage values, having a skill at level 1 vs max level will do the exact same damage, as long as the action itself does not change.

Furthermore, Dark Avenger (and other spinoff classes when they're released) can no longer use their transformation ability while PvPing.

All class actions are now split into their very own PvP variants. This means when we adjust balancing for PvE, it will no longer leak over to PvP.

Lastly, all EX skills beyond Lv.50 should now be completely disabled in PvP. If there's a skill that is performing an action it shouldn't be, please let us know in our Discord server in the respective text channel.

Skill Rebalancing


Dark Avenger was first adjusted with the dmg bug existing, so certain things still aren't right with it. Since then, the damage bug has been corrected so we are following through with some much needed adjustments.

  • The damage of Doom Blade has been decreased.
  • The damage of Fatal impact has been decreased.


  • The debuff of Blade Runner EX has been changed to -10% Fire Resistance.


  • The debuff of Phoenix Strike has been changed to -10% Fire Resistance.

Ice Witch

  • The damage has been decreased for various EX skills.

No one likes getting their class nerfed, I'm sure we all know that, but since her last adjustment, Ice Witch was dealing much higher damage than we anticipated.


  • The super armour value of Eagle Dive and the EX has been increased for both PvE and PvP.


  • The secondary kick action has been removed from Spiral Kick EX.

To remove the 2nd kick for PVP, it must be removed from PVE too. This cannot be avoided and we apologise for the inconvenience.


  • Fatal Guided Missiles has received a buff.


  • Lucky Shot now has a 100% activation rate and gives +10% bonus damage.
  • The damage increase plate for Lucky Shot has been decreased from +20% to +5%.


  • The damage of Poison Break EX has been decreased.

While we do want Physician to have the highest personal DPS of the three available healers, Poison Break EX is doing more than we want it to at this point in time.

Known Issues

  • Interaction with the Hot Springs NPC is not possible.

Please report any bugs with Patch 4.23 you may find in our Discord Server!

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a scaling issue with Hacking Stance EX.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with Cannon Blaster.

Due to some inconsistencies between the test server and the live server, Hacking Stance EX and Cannon Blaster is doing more than intended.

  • Fixed an issue wherein Artillery's Rapid Shot EX had the incorrect damage scaling.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Avenger's Soul Cutter's Fire resistance was applying the incorrect values.
  • Fixed M:IDs in server distributed mail.
  • Fixed issues with certain charged actions.

Skills such as Chaser's Mortal Blow should now chain correctly when mashing the skill button during cast instead of canceling the animation and starting over from frame 0.

  • Fixed an issue wherein every Farm area did not have any plots to plant and grow your seeds in.