Welcome back, below are the patch notes for version 4.21!

Skill Rebalancing


  • The action speed effect has been removed from Parry Stance.


  • The damage of Crescent Cleave EX has been decreased.
  • The damage of Halfmoon Slash EX has been decreased.
  • The damage of Moonblade Dance EX has been decreased.


  • The damage of Triple Slash EX has been increased.
  • The damage of Forward Thrust EX has been increased.
  • The damage of Hacking Stance EX has been increased.
  • The damage of Line Drive EX has been increased.
  • The damage of Coup De Grace EX has been increased.
  • The cooldown of Coup De Grace EX has decreased to 25s.
  • Hype Train's internal cooldown timer has been changed from 0.5s to 0.25s so Gladiator can reach max damage potential a little bit faster.


  • The damage of Enhanced Circle Swing EX has been decreased.
  • Using Taunting Howl will no longer decrease your HP.
  • The cooldown of Whirlwind EX has been decreased by 5s.


  • It is now possible to dodge out of Soul Cutter.


  • The cooldown of Spirit Boost has increased to 66s (60s with a plate) while its cooldown reduction effect has been reduced to 25%.
  • The action speed buff of Spirit Boost has decreased to 15%.


  • The overall damage of all Windwalker skills have been increased.


  • The animation of Rain of Arrows has changed to T5 variant.
  • Siege Stance EX is now faster.
  • The cooldown of Rain of Arrows EX has decreased to 15s.
  • The cooldown of Siege Stance EX has decreased to 15s.


  • The maximum bubble count has increased to 50.
  • Fatal Guided Missiles bubble requirement changed to 50.
  • Artillery now has a 100% bubble generation rate.


  • All relics are now invincible when summoned.
  • All relic casting speed has increased by 15%.
  • The damage of Relic Reaction EX has increased.


  • Glacial Freeze no longer applies an ice stacking effect. This skill now reduces enemy Ice resistance by -10%, and enemy Action Speed by -30%. The cooldown has been reduced from 24s to 13s.
  • Frozen Fury now applies -30% enemy Ice resistance for 10s. The ice stacking remains untouched.


  • The cooldown of Beyond Time has been adjusted to 100s (90s with a plate).
  • Using Beyond Time will now grant the party an effect of +10% physical/magical damage.
  • The buff duration of Beyond Time has increased to 20s.

Ice Witch

  • Frost Chaos now has a 100% chance to inflict the Freeze debuff (ice stack). The CD has been reduced from 25s to 15s.
  • The overall damage of Ice Witch EX skills have been increased.

Shooting Star

  • The damage of Bullet Barrage has decreased.
  • The damage of Splash EX has decreased.
  • The damage of Super Ball EX has increased.
  • The damage of Make It Rain EX has increased.
  • The damage of Chemical Warfare EX has increased.
  • The damage of Lock and Load EX has increased.
  • The damage of Cannon Blaster has increased.


  • The loading screen for Saint's Haven has been adjusted.
  • A new banner title has been added for the loading screen event winner.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • The English localisation has been adjusted.
  • Stun resist, critical resist, para resist, paralyze, and stun have all been removed from the list of possible 3rd stats for all level 80 rare talismans and level 80 plates.
  • Infinity talismans have had their 3rd stats updated to level 80. This will only effect talismans created/obtained after Patch 4.21.
  • The HP of the combo dummy in PVP has increased.
  • Superb Diamonds and Superb Alteums have been re-added to the loot tables of VN.
  • The skill cooldown plates for Fast Forward and Spirit Boost shall now only decrease the CD by -10% instead of -20%.
  • All RDN U-Grade armours have had their defense values adjusted.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where new characters could not select a difficulty for KN/VN.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Aerial Chain Shot EX's right click action had the incorrect damage scaling.
  • Fixed an exploit with Swordsman/Gladiator/Moonlord classes wherein certain skills could be manipulated to hit an extra few more times than intended.
  • Fixed an issue wherein older XC items had the incorrect stats.