Hello everyone, below are the full patch notes for 4.17.

As usual, patch notes may be updated at a later time to reflect things we've previously missed in our first iteration.

New XC Cosmetics

  • We've added the Rocker set to the XC Shop. Unlike Seasonal cosmetics, these won't be going away after a period of time, so grab your set today! Unfortunately, there is no Lencea version available as these sets are created before her release.
Green Coloured Variant
Red Coloured Variant
Blue Coloured Variant

Infinity Nest 3rd Year Anniversary

Global Giveaway

In light of our 3rd Anniversary, there will be a box giveaway to all players via their Special Storage! Please check it out in-game by looking for an icon on the UI that looks very similar to the Mail icon.

The box contains:

  • 3rd Year Anniversary Wings
  • 3rd Year Anniversary Tail
  • 3rd Year Anniversary Decal
  • Exclusive Title
What do you think of these 3rd Anniversary Wings?

Playable Content

Nightmare Anubis

  • The amount of Halloween Coin drops per run has increased from 1 -> 2 per character.
  • The overall boss HP has been increased.
  • Fixed some map triggers that would cause the instance to become stuck.

Black Dragon Nest (Hardcore)

  • Summoning Pets are now allowed in this instance.

Dragon Expeditions

  • The instance is now locked to Abyss difficulty.
  • The HP and Damage of all bosses were readjusted to become much more difficult to clear, as per multiple requests.
  • New loot has been added to the instance for each clear.
  • A new NPC is added in Saint's Haven, she's located in front of the Garden portal. She offers Unique grade enhanceable accessories and various lv.80 expedition plates!



  • The Mamatop NPC is now gone from Saint's Haven.
  • The netcode for the game has been reverted back to original. Specific users should see general connectivity and performance increases.
  • Our client is now up to date with the November patch from DN Korea. Only assets were imported, skill changes and other class revamps were ignored.
  • The login screen has been temporarily adjusted.
  • Several Rocker XC cosmetic sets were added to the XC Shop.
  • General localisation adjustments.
  • A new NPC has been added to Saint's Haven, and her name is Sarasa.
  • New DE accessories have been added.
  • In an attempt to alleviate staff buffing burdens, Irine will now only give out the standard Blessed Stone and DN Girl buff as per her two dialogue options.
    • Along with the change for Irine, Blessed Stone and DN Girl buffs have had their stats nerfed accordingly. There will no longer be a total of +37% damage available from buffs.
  • The Mercenary tab in Character Profile page has been enabled, however, this is currently a feature in development and is not yet ready for public use.
  • The Datacentre selection process has been reworked.
The process of party creation has returned to Vanilla.
You can now select the region directly in the Portal UI. (even when you're solo)
EU and SEA regions. Other regions like NA and AU might be making a comeback in the future!
EU and SEA regions. Other regions like NA and AU might be making a comeback in the future!


  • The Portal UI has been redesigned to support the new method of Datacentre Selection.

  • As a breath of fresh air, we've changed the colours of all Boss HP gauges. They are the following:

    • x5 and beyond - Purple
    • x4 - Blue
    • x3 - Green
    • x2 - Yellow
    • x1 - Orange

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue wherein various Daily Quest mobs had 100% Dark Elemental Resistance.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Ice Barrier did not apply the Ice Elemental Attack attribute.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Good Vibes did not heal surrounding party members. Additionally, the Elemental Attack boost effect has been removed while we establish the general direction of Physician further.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Dark Avenger's total damage could be cut if using certain Aerial skills (especially while transformed).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Gold Nimbus Cloud was missing from Kelly's Shop.
  • Fixed an issue with Party Finder wherein speaking to an NPC or anything that minimises the UI would cause your queue to silently cancel itself.
  • Fixed an issue with Party Finder wherein you could queue up again with a ghost clone of your character.

Known Issues

  • Leaving the party from Field to return to town sometimes crashes the client with a Send Error report. Please forward this error by sending it to us.