Welcome back, this is the second and final part of our Deeds of Cruelty update.

This patch contains the second half of our Halloween Event, featuring a new party finder system, a Halloween event instance, class balancing, nest readjustments and more.

As usual, patch notes may be updated at a later time to reflect things we've previously missed in our first iteration.

Party Finder System

Party Finder is a new system where players queue up to find a party and join a dungeon, for now we have the system open for event content.

We've also updated our 2019 Halloween Event to feature a limited-time event instance, as well as to hold the beta testing of our new system. You can view the event page by clicking the text here.

Here's a few screenies featuring the system:

Accessing the Party Finder UI is pretty straight forward, it's available to select while you're in Town
From here, you select which content you want to queue up for.
While in the queue, the system will try to match you, you can see the details on the right side of the screen.
When a match is found, all members will be notified and must accept within the time limit.
You can queue up for the Nightmare Anubis instance

Please report any bugs or issues you find with the Party Finder on our Discord Server.

Skill Rebalancing


  • Maelstrom Howl's VIT conversion has been adjusted to 150%.
  • Maelstrom Howl's damage has increased.
  • Bombs Away EX damage has increased.
  • Flying Swing EX cooldown increased by 2 seconds.
  • Destroyer's Voice (65 Passive) damage buff duration has increased from 10s -> 20s.

Dark Avenger

  • The transformation duration has increased from 180s -> 600s.


  • Finish Attack / Coup De Grace EX bonus damage has been nerfed, while the base damage has increased.
  • You can press jump key during Feint to cancel it into a jump again.


  • (PVP + PVE) Spiral Kick i-frame has been re-added.


  • The damage of Justice Crash EX has decreased.
  • The damage of Divine Ascension EX has decreased.


  • Using Detonate on electrocuted enemies no longer removes the electricity debuff.


  • The Regeneration skill is re-added to the skill tree.
  • Healing Relic EX now heals with 8% HP per pulse instead of raw magical attack.
  • The cooldown of Immortality has decreased to 85s and its duration has increased to 6s.
  • Relic Reaction EX now works properly after using Immortality next to a relic.
  • Great Heal's HP healing amount has increased to 50%, while the cooldown has decreased to 40s.


  • It's now possible to Tumble out of Ice Beam EX while casting it.
  • Frosty Fist and Volcano Punch now have a small i-frame.

Gear Master

  • The damage of almost every Mechanic Mode skill has been decreased.
  • The damage of Gigaton Quack has decreased.


  • Windcall Twirl now grants a 10% attack bonus.
  • Windcall now grants a 10% movement speed bonus.
  • Illusion Dance now grants a 10% action speed bonus.
  • Illusion Gaze now grants 10% action speed & 15% movement speed bonuses.
  • The damage of Frolic has increased.
  • Dance of Ecstasy CD increased to 90s.

Blade Dancer

  • The damage of all EX and base Blade Dancer skills has increased.

Spirit Dancer

  • The damage of all EX and base Spirit Dancer skills has increased.


  • The damage of Lollipop Chop has decreased.
  • The damage of Leap has increased.


  • The damage of Stab Tug EX has decreased.
  • The damage of Charging Sweep EX has decreased.


  • English translation adjustments.
  • Stats of Divine grade spirits are increased.
  • Character jumps have been reverted to T4 variant. Characters will no longer get a little boost in the air while attacking as well.
  • Labina's super armour break values have reduced by a large margin.
  • Labina's overall HP and attack values have decreased.
  • Every other boss in Kairon Nest has had their HP increased.
  • Third Core Nest bosses' HP and DEF values have increased.
  • Several buff wipes have been removed from Third Core Nest.
  • The action speed of Cerberus's stomp skill has slightly decreased.
  • A telegraph has been added to Cerberus's stomp skill.
  • The Party Finder system has been activated.
  • An event NPC (Kathy) now spawns in Saint's Haven.
  • Ice ECJs penalty has increased to -45% for normal grade, and -40% for quality grades.

Known Issues

  • Attempting to talk to an NPC while in queue for party finder will cancel your queue.
  • Queueing multiple times with party finder will bug out the queue for everyone involved, and place you in a solo instance. Do not abuse this, we have logs and will take action against people who abuse it.