New Playable Class

The brand new job advancement for Vandar: Revenant and Maverick are now available!

You can use a Class Change scroll to switch over to the desired spec, or if you've already created a new Vandar, simply utilise the Class Specialist NPC in Milla Laurel to complete your advancements.


With a newfound sense of purpose, Vandar makes the decision to embark on a new trip to explore everything that Althea has to offer. He begins to learn new abilities on his journey from various areas of Althea and decides to apply them for the greater good.


Revenant developed his ability to be an Offensive Tank by using a newly manufactured weapon. A fierce swordsman who can kill any enemies in his path while yet protecting his companion. Mess with him, and you'll discover his broadsword's secret power.


An intrepid traveller who masters the use of explosives and chains. A Fire DPS who will burn and reduce to ashes everything in his path.

New Weapon: Broadsword

Vandar discovered a means to make a new weapon, Broadsword, while travelling through Althea. A more versatile weapon that can be employed in both defensive and offensive situations.

Class Skill Showcase

The video below shows the skill designs for both jobs.
We found the VFX on the official servers to be really lacking, therefore we gave most skills a VFX glowup.

It's not a gameplay video; your results will vary in-game as you test out and master the class.

All classes here on Infinity Nest are uniquely tailored to the server, and gameplay is tweaked accordingly. Classes will not perform like in the official servers.

The video player will be out of bounds for mobile users viewing these patch notes. Here's one that can be properly watched on mobile devices:

Hero Level Revamp

We made the decision to redesign our current Hero Level and reduced it from a maximum of 250 to 35. Hero Levels on every account will be reset to 1, and the progression system has altered.

  • Following the Official Server as a guideline, Hero EXP are disabled in all instances, and you will no longer able to increase your Hero Level EXP by clearing instances.

  • For the most part, leveling up your Hero Level will now require Gold.

  • Server Event participation will not only give additional gold, but it can directly or indirectly also net you some items which can boost your Hero EXP.

  • Following the Level Cap changes, Hero Level requirements for quests such as the Beginner's Path Tasks and the Hero Skill Questlines will be changed to 5 and 15 respectively.

  • It will cost roughly 15M gold to level from 1 to 35.

By speaking with David in Milla Laurel, you can buy the new items to progress your Hero Level.

IC Shop

New Costumes

We've added new costume sets as per usual, this time featuring the Adventurer and Speedy Engineer costume sets.

These new costumes are at a limited-time discount, and available in various themes/flavours.
This discount only lasts until the next monthly update, so grab your set today.
Check them out in the I.C Shop!

Here are some preview banners of the new costume:

Adventurer's Sky Blue
Adventurer's Green
Adventurer's Blue
Speedy Engineer's Blue
Speedy Engineer's Red
Speedy Engineer's Yellow

New Infinity Deluxe Box

We made the decision to discontinue selling the previous Infinity Boxes in this patch in favour of the new Infinity Deluxe Boxes. These boxes will become the main gacha boxes moving forward.

You can still obtain the older Infinity Boxes via Main Quest, Event, and Timed Logins.

The likelihood of obtaining rare items has doubled with this new box. Additionally, it has unique items including our newly featured mount, Kkomi Teddy Bear. On top of RNG, when you hit 100% charm potency/fever, you are guaranteed an exclusive drop (in this case, the Kkomi mount) on the next box you open.

Because the previous Infinity Boxes are no longer available for direct sale, the Monthly Pania Coupon Rotation is now a part of the new Deluxe Boxes. Pania coupons will no longer be dropped by Infinity Boxes.

We are planning to rotate the exclusive items every now and then, so grab it now while the exclusive items that you want are still there!


To commemorate our new boxes, it will be discounted for a limited amount of time.

Pania Rotations

Pania rotations have been changed, you can possibly obtain the following coupons via opening Infinity Deluxe Boxes up until the November update:

Item Name
Greedy Karahan
Brilliant Hero Ruby
Infinite Light

Support Packages

We would like to introduce brand-new Support Packages, limited-edition extras, to our IC Shop.

Have you recently started the game, returning to it after a long break, or simply lack the time to play and finish your weeklies consistently? You now have a choice to expedite your gearing process via these packages.

We've also tried to split the packages as much as possible so you can choose specifically which aspect you'd like to boost, unlike Official server which bundles everything into just one set.

Support Packages for all classes

Support Packages - Wanderer

Additionally, there are special packages to go along with the launching of our new class, the Wanderer.

Consider buying the Revenant Set if you are geared as a Duelist or Trickster and think Revenant seems interesting but don't want to invest the time and effort transitioning from the Power to Tenacity set.

Or if you are a new player and you think Maverick looks interesting and might be your cup of tea, but you don't wanna spend the time gearing him from zero, you should consider purchasing the Maverick Set!

Advanced Support for Wanderer (1)
Advanced Support for Wanderer (2)
Purchase is limited to one package per account.
Revenant and Maverick packages sale period will end on Nov. 18th.

Kkomi Teddy Bear

As the first exclusive item in our Infinity Deluxe Box, we would like to show the appearance of said mount's evolution progress

Kkomi Teddy Bear - Basic
Kkomi Teddy Bear - 1st Evolution Stage
Kkomi Teddy Bear - 2nd Evolution Stage
As per usual, our mount doesn't have additional stats and it's purely for cosmetic purposes.

Kkomi Teddy Bear Video

SpeedColie has created a video about the new mount made accessible this patch, how it functions, and the evolution process. It is based on the official server. The time-stamped video is available to watch below.

Please be aware that mounts do not have stats in Infinity Nest and there may be other details omitted on our server.

New Face

With the released of new class, Wanderer, we would like to introduce a new face style for Vandars.

Vandar's New Faces

New Hairstyles

Vandar's New Hairstyles

New Hair Dye Colours

Not just for Vandar, there are updates for other classes' cosmetics too!

New Hair Dye Colours, applicable to all classes

New Hair Partial Dyes

New Partial Hairstyle Dyes, applicable to all classes

New Eyes Dye Colours

New Eyes Dye Colours, applicable to all classes

New Pet Dye Colours

Nomad, Cosmos and Vanilla Cream Dyes for minions/pets

New Pet Partial Dyes

Honey Ginseng, Paprika and Forest Fairy Partial Dyes for minions/pets

Bountiful Spoils

Limited Time Event

Recently, there have been incidents that Bounty Hunters have vanished in the Cavern of Demise.

There appears to be a priceless treasure there... Despite the rampant claims, many hunters are still trying to travel there. Even when some hunters returned unharmed but with numerous wounds and scars and without bringing the treasure home, one would assume that they fled after losing the battle. Perhaps it is a highly dangerous place...

Are you one of the chosen adventurer capable of finding the treasure?
Take your chance today!


◆ What is [Bountiful Spoils]?
This is an event stage that can be entered as a party, featuring a custom event quest.

This event is also meant as a "catch up" event for newbies and veterans alike, to speed up gearing progression overall.

Exclusive Event Quest

Irine seems to have something that might pique your interest. You might want to talk to her right away!

Irine, waiting for you to tell the rumours that she's been hearing
Irine Location in Milla Laurel Map

Exclusive Event Quest - Continuation

Our very first custom Exclusive Event Quest, Bountiful Spoils, has been added

You can obtain the quest by speaking to Irine in Milla Laurel. She will tell you what you need to do, and you just have to act accordingly!

By talking to Irine, choose Event Quest to start doing the Exclusive Event Quest
By successfully obtaining the quest from Irine, you should have this Event in your Quest List
You could also look at your right side of your screen, and see [Event] Bountiful Spoils there. Which also points out where you need to go in order to do the quest

Stage Entry Information

Portal Location Milla Laurel -> (Party) Garden of Eternity -> Cavern of Demise
Difficulty Labyrinth 5 ~ 12
Party Size 4-4 Players
Entry Ticket None
Revivals 0 - Cannot Revive
Special Condition None

Heart Exchange

After defeating the ferocious Abomination Victor. Head back to Irine and pick the Event Shop to see what you can buy with the loot that you obtain from the instance

By talking to Irine, head over to (2023) Bountiful Spoils Event Shop
Preview of Bronze Heart Shop
Preview of Silver Heart Shop
Preview of Gold Heart Shop
Catch-Up Event "Bountiful Spoils" will end on November 11th. Make sure you do them and get the stuffs you need while it lasts!


Weekly Mission Boxes

A new type of item, Mission Boxes are now available at Irine's respective shop.
These boxes replace the existing Weekly Tasks, and basically behaves the same way. Think of it as a sort of refresh to the system with updated rewards.

Simply purchase the mission box on the character of your choice. Choose wisely, there is a purchase limit of 1 per account per week.
Afterward, clear the objective the mission boxes request, and reap the rewards!

Obtain your mission boxes at Irine
One of the weekly Mission Boxes

Playable Content

  • Muertos Nest revival has been increased from 0 > 3
  • Muertos Nest now requires 2 people to enter instead of 4
  • Brinhildr Nest revival limit has been increased from 2 > 3
  • Frozen Archbishop revival limit has been increased from 1 > 2
  • Sunset Training Ground now goes up to LB13

NPC Shops

  • David Shop has been cleaned up
  • Removed Obsolete Engravings from Diana Shop
  • Added IcDN Broadsword to Chad Shop
  • Reduced the cost of Willpower Fragment from 20k points to 10k points

Obtainable Items

  • Removed the weapon type restriction for Sweet and Fresh Panias and the new Pastel weapons.
  • Elemental Converter Jade from Lv.40 to Lv.90 value has been nerfed from -90% Penalty > -120% Penalty to their respective elements
  • Repair cost for FDN gears are now halved
  • IcDN-U Accessories are now server storage-able
  • Critical Stat has been added to +5 Sage/Knight FDN Gear
  • Enchants cost for IcDN armour/wep/accs nerfed
  • Enchant costs reduced for Cursed weps & U-jades
  • Critical stat added to +5 Sage/Knight FDN gear


  • Chad NPC has been repositioned a bit to make him more visible
  • Day/Night Cycle now returns to Milla Laurel, accompanied with custom songs
  • Class Specialist NPC has been moved to a more visible place
  • Diana NPC has been moved to a more visible place

IC Shop

  • Costume Package standard prices has been lowered from 42,900 IC to 37,500 IC
  • Guild Name Change Coupon has been added into the shop
  • Removed Talisman and Heraldry Expansions from the shop
  • Added Bright Red and Chocolate skin dyes


  • Talisman and Herandry Expansion are now unlocked by default
  • FTG Daily Recharge has been increased from 9,000 > 13500
  • Guild Levels are now significantly easier to level up
  • Vandar Creation limit has been increased from 3 > 99
  • Simple notifications now list the item name as well as its expiry date, instead of just "Active and "Inactive"
A Simple Notification to check when your items gonna expire
Preview of Milla Laurel at Night
Preview of Milla Laurel at Day

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:

Arch Heretic

[Chaos Shield]

  • Skill endlag has been reduced

[[Nightmare] Devastation]

  • The skill now has an additional hit
  • 2nd hit of the skill is now an iframe
  • The skill now no longer affected by Action Speed buff

[[Nightmare] Evil Hand]

  • Skill iframe has been extended
  • The skill hitbox now registered faster

[Savage Attack]

  • You can now use the skill faster after casting [Nightmare] Evil Hand

[Fatal Fury]

  • Skill CD has been increased from 5s > 15s
  • Skill buff has been removed

[Land Corruption]

  • The skill now gives ATK and M.Speed buff on top of its Action Speed buff
  • Using +1 Plate now also increases its buff potency


  • Skill Cooldown Reduction buff has been decreased from 20s > 5s
  • Skill Cooldown has been reduced from 12s > 8s

[Carnage / [Nightmare] Carnage]

  • Maximum stack has been reduced from 20 > 10
  • [Nightmare] Carnage damage has been increased

[Soul Steal]

  • The skill now shares cooldown with Heal skill from Cleric Tree
  • Healing potency has been increased to 12%

[Class Mastery II]

  • The skill now buffs Devastation instead of Deadly Blow

[Class Mastery III]

  • The skill cooldown has been reduced from 16s > 9s

[Quick Dash]

  • The skill now no longer affected by Action Speed


[Injector EX]

  • The skill hitbox for Action Speed buff has been increased

[Slime Sacrifice Enhancement]

  • New skill has been added to the tree. Check in-game description for more details!


[Crystal Shooter]

  • The skill stack mechanism has been removed. The skill now gives an instant 10% buff per cast

[Khelgeir Energy]

  • The skill bubble gain mechanism has been reworked. Now you gain bubbles by casting your main skills


  • Skill initial animation has been reduced heavily


[Khelgeir Energy]

  • The skill has been removed from the tree


  • The skill now uses [Courage] bubble to be casted


[Kidney Blow]

  • The skill can now be cancelled with [Aerial Descent], which is a new input on [Kidney Blow] while in the air. This is only available for Ruina

[Foot Stomp]

  • Skill cooldown has been reduced from 17s > 10s for all levels

[Deus Ex Machina]

  • The skill can now be cancelled with [Duck] by pressing Spacebar as a Ruina


[Shoulder Crash]

  • Skill cooldown has been reduced from 10s > 5s

[Illusive Fist]

  • Skill iframe is now more consistent while descending


[Flow Through EX]

  • Skill endlag on the 2nd hit has been reduced heavily

[Flow Up EX]

  • Skill endlag on the last hit has been reduced heavily

[One Inch Punch]

  • Hitbox on the last hit of the skill has been made significantly bigger

[Flying Knee Kick EX]

  • The skill can now be cancelled with [Aerial Descent], which is a new input on [Flying Kne Kick EX] while in the air



  • Pulse bubble gain from [Skip] has been increased from 4 > 10
  • Pulse bubble gain from [Stunt Rush] has been increased from 4 > 8
  • Pulse bubble gain from listed skills other than [Skip] and [Stunt Rush] has been increased from 4 > 5


  • The skill is now an iframe

[Intense Shock Skills]

  • All Intense Shock Skills animations are now an iframe except for [L-Buster EX]

[Crash Impact]

  • Skill cooldown has been reduced from 10s > 5s
  • Pulse bubble gain has been reduced from 10 > 5

[Class Mastery II]

  • Pulse bubble gain has been reduced from 10 > 5


[Class Mastery II]

  • Skill cooldown reduction has been reduced from 3s > 1.5s

Resolved Issues

The following issues has been resolved:


Class: Spirit Dancer

  • Fixed an issue where FDN Fan/Chakram buff won't activate properly


  • An issue wherein newly created Silver Hunter characters were unable to progress past the initial tutorial stage.
  • Fixed a client hang/crash upon game exit.
  • Other fixes and improvements have been implemented.