Changes with the ‘✨’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community via our most recent survey. It could also mean things that will noticably effect player progression in some way or another.

We're working on including more community-requested changes over time.

If you want to stay up to date on the game or give us feedback feel free to join the discord at

Mount Evolution

This patch we're introducing a new system to "upgrade" specific mounts, starting with the new Pony evolution mount that's introduced in Stas's Community Shop.

Evolution mounts purchased at Stas begin at the most basic level, from which we will refer to as "Level 1".

Like Spirit Growth, you will need a duplicate mount of the same level in order to evolve it.

Unlike the Official Server, mounts won't have stats attached to them. This means evolving your mounts will be purely for aesthetic purposes only.
You can locate Cosie across from David in Infinity Island's Garden portal.
Sample showing duplicate "Level 1" Gray Pony mounts evolving to "Level 2".
"Gray Pony" evolved into "Dreamland Pony" with an aesthetic improvement.
Dreamland Pony appearance
This evolution process repeats itself until you reach the max level of evolution "Level 3". In order to achieve this, you need a duplicate "Level 2" Pony mount at Cosie.
Final stage - "Deepland Dream Pony" appearance

Playable Content

Right now, it's practically impossible to consistently create a group for Kairon just to try and farm Conversion Shards. Players still farmed them via Hero's Tears, but it costs way too much and is usually not worth it. These changes to Manticore and Archbishop Nest should take a huge load off shoulders, especially for newer players. LB-05 is soloable with the Berlin's Gift Pouch gear + the other freebies you get. LB-08 gives double the shards for those who wish to form a group.
The Weekly x1,000 Jellies is to mainly assist newer players, so they can enhance their gears a bit easier. It will also help to save up their CC for Engravings spending and not solely on jellies to progress.

Daidalos Nest

✨- The introduction cutscene that happens before the Boss fight is now automatically skipped.

Manticore Nest

✨- The drop quantities of nest materials have been increased significantly, making gearing a new character easier.
✨- x5 [Unique Conversion Shards] drop at Labyrinth 5-7, while x10 [Unique Conversion Shards] drop on Labyrinth 8. These shards are not bound to the weekly drop limit.
✨- x1,000 [Item Protection Jellies] have been added to the weekly drops.

Archbishop Nest

✨- The drop quantities of nest materials have been increased significantly, making gearing a new character easier.
✨- x5 [Unique Conversion Shards] drop at Labyrinth 5-7, while x10 [Unique Conversion Shards] drop on Labyrinth 8. These shards are not bound to the weekly drop limit.
✨- x1,000 [Item Protection Jellies] have been added to the weekly drops.

Attendance Event

A simple attendance event, log in every day and tally up your sign-in counts for some free rewards!

This time we are throwing in some engraving related items to help you build your CR and grow your character a little bit faster for Muertos Nest and beyond.

You can still complete this Attendance Event a few days after it ends.

Event Period

  • Active now, lasts until the server maintenance on March 28th, 2023

IC Shop

Perfect Engravings

Over the course of several months, we've received enquiries asking us to sell the best unique engraving rolls in the IC Shop. After much thought, we are finally enabling players to purchase them in the store.

By purchasing these engravings, you can skip the RNG game of attempting to get the best rolls on your own and go right into the content. These are sold in the IC Shop's brand-new Engraving menu, under the "Functional" category.

For the new styles and cosmetics below, they are all located in their respective IC Shop categories, usually marked with a 'NEW' label.

New Face Styles

New Hair Dye Colours

New Hair Partial Dyes

New Eyes Dye Colours

New Pet Dye Colours

New Pet Partial Dyes

New Costumes

We've added new costume sets as per usual, this time featuring three sets: Amoraim, Saint/Religion and Panda.

The Panda set is able to be purchased using CC!

These new costumes are at a massive discount, and available in various themes/flavours.
This discount only lasts until the April 2023 update, so grab your set today.
Check them out in the I.C Shop!

Here are some preview banners of the new sets:

Amoraim Set
Amoraim Set
Amoraim Set
Amoraim Weapons
Saint/Religion themed set
Saint/Religion themed set
Saint/Religion themed set
Saint/Religion themed Weapons
Panda set
Panda set weapons

I.C Rebate Event

We've introduced something new to the IC Shop this time, so that is usually followed up by an IC Rebate.

For a limited time, enjoy a bonus rebate on all I.C purchases.
Purchasing I.C can be done by clicking this link:

Event Period

Active right now, running until April 4th, 2023 at 00:00 (UTC)


45% Bonus IC on all I.C purchases via our website.

General Changes

Beginner Tasks

The game's beginner tasks texts have been rewritten to be as concise and straightforward as possible; this should make the game more understandable to new players.

For the time being, this only applies to the [Newbie] and [Novice] categories. We are still working on [Veteran] and other categories, and we will make changes as necessary.

There are still incorrect images throughout the tasks (since they reference the official servers stuff). We're working on getting our own photos in as well.

  • Three new [Newbie] Tasks have been added to the list that assists you to travel to the Infinity Island, and talking to both Chad and Diana NPCs.
Sample of the Infinity Island task

Co-op Prize: Reward Update

The co-op prize tab in the Community UI has been updated.
The following rewards can now be obtained at 10,000 weekly points:

Community Point, Stas Community Coupon, Love of Friend, and Infinity Boxes.
Stas Community Coupon is a new item which allows you to purchase new products which have been added to his Community Shop.

Co-op Prize: Tasks Update

In tandem with the rewards updating, we've also updated the recommended tasks as well as the points rewarded to the following.

Muertos in a 2+ member party 800 Points
Brinhild in a 2+ member party 800 Points
Frozen Archbishop as a Duo (2) party 300 Points
Balkov in a 2+ member party 300 Points
Death God's Domain in a 2+ member party 250 Points
Storm of Time and Space 200 Points
Any dungeon in a 2+ member party 200 Points
Archbishop in a 2+ member party 100 Points
Professor K in a 2+ member party 100 Points
Manticore in a 2+ member party 100 Points
Titan in a 2+ member party 100 Points

Community Shop

  • A few new items have been added to Stas's Community Shop.
New items preview

First Line: Gray Pony mount. This is the starter evolution mount you'll use at Cosie NPC. Requires x1 Community Coupon.

Second Line: Yuni Accessory Set. These accessories offer identical stats when compared to Frozen Snowflake Set. This is a F2P alternative to earn your accessories. Requires x2 Community Coupons each.

Third Line: Refined Hanbok Costume Exchange Ticket. This is essentially a free costume set which will swap every few months. Requires x3 Community Coupons.

Preview of Hanbok (Machina sample)
Preview of Hanbok (Lencea sample)
Available for every Job including Vandar

NPC Shop: Chad

  • [Tenacity -> Balanced Conversion Hammers] have been added to his storefront, for healers who wore Tenacity before Patch 6.12A so they can convert to the new Balanced variant.

Obtainable Items

  • Balanced Frost Accessories can now be placed in the Special Server Storage. The method is identical to other Frost variants, simply purchase a [(Tier 2) Infinity Storage Ticket] and redeem it at the storage NPC.
    ✨- Improved the content rewards of [Adventurer's Necessity] pouches.

IC Shop

✨- The price of Pet Chat Bubbles has increased, at the same time its duration has increased from 30 Days to 1 Year.

Resolved Issues

The following issues has been resolved:

Instance: Muertos Nest

  • An issue wherein the Final Boss chest's weekly limit was counting toward the 3rd boss instead of the intended final one.

Class: Lunar Knight

  • Fixed an issue where CM3 Moonblade Dance was dealing less damage than a regular cast of the skill.

Class: Valkyrie

  • Fixed several issues with MP draining too often on her rework skills.


  • An issue with Trial of the Forgotten wherein the UI was saying the weekly fixed loot limit is 3, when in reality it was actually 5.

Obtainable Items

  • An issue with the [Shard of Will] wherein the description was not matching the buff's actual effects (10% Attribute ATK instead of 5%)
  • An issue with the [Tenacity -> Balanced] hammers not working as intended, especially with +0 accessories. Also fixed a labelling issue.
  • An issue wherein the direction of the handle was displayed differently in some Warrior weapons.
  • An issue wherein the right arm of Warrior and Academic is not displayed on the Cash Shop preview screen under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein the Deep Blue Sorceress Foam High Heel icon was displayed incorrectly.
  • An issue when Academic wears the [Cute Panda Tunic] costume, the neck skin was changing colours.
  • An issue wherein a gap appeared on Assassin's forehead when using a certain hairstyle.

Known Issues

We are aware of the following issues:


  • Several new costume packages and their relevant Titles are still in the original Korean language.