Hey everyone,

We have a small patch deployed today which wraps up the Sizzling Summer event, the alpha release of our XC Shop rework, and some other general things.

* Additional features will be implemented in future updates.
The exchange shops for Infinity Stamps will be available soon.
We apologise for the delays.


XC Shop Rework

  • The XC Shop as you know it has been overhauled. Many tabs are reorganised, and several pricing points have been adjusted. We're also in the process of adding player requested costume sets.
  • Costumes are now sold in separate pieces, and the overall pricing has been drastically lowered (18,400 XC for a full set compared to 37,500 XC)

In addition, you can now purchase all costume pieces in a set via a package, which has a -15% price discount compared to buying each piece by itself.

  • There are now items which cost 0 XC (free) available in the XC Shop.

For free items, we're going to enforce a purchase limit of one per character. Free items will also be on a rotation, we haven't come up with a schedule yet.

  • Infinity Boxes can now be purchased in a higher amount at a time, if desired.

The XC Shop rework is a work in progress. As such, this patch offers a very basic shop. Several items such as expansions, character cosmetics, pets, etc. will be available in the next update. We apologise for any inconvenience.

NPC Shops

  • Skill plates have been added for the Vandar class at the DWC NPC.
  • Irine now has an exchange shop for Iridescence pania coupons.
  • A specific amount of plate pouches may now be directly traded for plates at Rajuul in the "Rajuul's Crafts" option.
  • Aisha's Light weapons for Machina have been added to Panforte.


  • The Sizzling Summer event has concluded. Summer tickets can no longer drop.

The Light Crystal will continue to drop from Infinity Boxes for an additional week.

  • Infinity Stamps and Iridescence Pania coupons can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • Older level Garden of Eternity instances have been disabled.
  • SandBoxie is now blocked.
  • Improved client stability and performance.

Playable Content

Solo Challenge: Raging Storm

  • The reward chest has been removed. Upon killing the boss, the loot immediately drops now.
  • The boss is now more aggressive at longer range.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
All Relevant Skills A general damage boost has been applied.


Skill Name Adjustment
Spiral Kick EX The hitbox size has been increased.
Rising Storm EX The initial iFrame duration has slightly increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Shield of the People Each buff refresh tick duration has been reduced from 10s -> 1s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Ducking The cooldown has been reduced from 5s -> 4s.


Skill Name Adjustment
65 Passive Now reduces the cooldown of Ducking even further.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed several damage scaling issues, primarily with Vandar's parry counter and Kali's Advent Claw.
  • Fixed several minor localisation issues with certain skills such as Consecration and Elemental Harmony.
  • Fixed an issue where Level Up Reward Chests gave an item error when trying to open them.
  • Fixed an issue where enhancements +12 or higher were not being announced by the server.
  • Fixed a missing stat issue with the Pure Metallic Decal.
  • Fixed an issue with Lencea's Erratic Power involving bubbles. The poke skill will no longer be enhanced and damage has returned to normal.
  • Fixed an issue with the XC Shop wherein spirits would show at the character's feet instead of the intended position.
  • Fixed an issue when you hover the cursor over an XC item and open the inventory, the client would crash.
  • Fixed an issue where you could search for hidden items in the XC Shop by searching an M:ID.

Known Issues

  • The skill description of Ruina's passive skill does not include the cooldown reduction of Ducking.