It's InfinityNest's 6th anniversary, and for this year, we plan on helping new players start out their journey in the server. The event starts now and will last for roughly a week.

For this event, players will be required to complete specific tasks to get the rewards!

Submission Instructions

• All submissions will be in 🎁event-submissions🎁 in our Discord Server.
• Open a thread then post the pictures/screenshots that show you've completed the tasks for an Event Set.
• Specify which Event Set each screenshot is for (Set 1, 2, or 3).
• The picture must show your IGN (in-game name) and the tasks you did.
• For Infinity's Gift rewards, please specify which IGN/Character we should send it to.

You must be a part of our Discord Server in order to participate in this event.
Each reward set can only be claimed ONCE per account/player and rewards will be sent to the IGN that is shown in the pictures you submitted, except for Pania's Gift rewards.

Event Set #1

Complete all the beginner tasks under Newbie, Novice, Veteran, and Trade categories.

• Full set of [+12 Ice Dragon Armors]
• 2000 Sapphires
• 2000 Top-Grade Essence
• 100K Gold
• 2x SSS Armor Engraving

Event Set #2

Clear Ice Dragon Nest, Professor K Nest, and Titan Nest up to their weekly limit.

• [+12 Ice Dragon Weapon & Off-hand]
• 1500 High Grade Jellies
• 50 Manticore Eyes
• 50 Titan Crystals
• 1x SSS Weapon Engraving

Event Set #3

Clear Death God's Domain and Executioner's Arena up to their weekly limit. Clear Balkov Nest 6 times.

• 500K Gold
• 150 Balkov's Concoction
• 2000 High Grade Jellies
• 80 Community Core Fragments
• 5x Lv.60 Pet Potion
• 2x 20k Hero Tears

Infinity's Gift

Included for participating in the event. Must do at least TWO of the sets above.

• 1x Costume Weapon from either Pania or Farvana's Shop
• 1x Costume Off-hand from either Pania or Farvana's Shop

Please remember to specify in your thread the IGN/Character name you want us to send the Weapons to. Thank You!